A Writer’s Dream is a literary erotica story; it is written like a literary short story but with plenty of steamy scenes to satisfy any yaoi reader. In this story, a graduate student pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts receives harsh criticism on his thesis and falls into despair. When his friend Jake comes over to cheer him up, he’s expecting some encouraging words, but Jake has other plans. Soon he finds himself inspired and exhausted by a new relationship with his old friend, and he is able to face his criticism head-on.

"I love how this story seems to flow forward in circles–you keep revolving back to his past, to his writing, to the present, and then finally to the future. And it seems like Jake begins as a flat illusion for your protagonist, someone he can only fantasize about, and then he becomes a real person with doubts and desires, just like the characters in his stories. Lovely!"
- doloresvulvetta
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Seeking More

Seeking More is a collection of short stories that range from the realistic to the fantastic, from deeply emotional to action-packed, from hapless MFA students to prideful vampire hunters. Each story is focused not only on steamy romance, of which there is plenty, but also on character development and an emotional connection between reader and character.

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