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Thrall of Darkness features a variety of short stories on the site, ranging from flash fiction works of less than 2,000 words to longer stories of 10,000 words or more.

Featured Shorts
apocalypse romance
m/f science fiction

Enjoy your last days with a steamy little story that features a compelling main character whose life up until now has been filled with fantasy and imagination but little else. When the apocalypse strikes, however, she finds herself the focus of a mysterious and handsome man who appears out of nowhere and doesn’t seem quite human. The Apocalypse might not bring an end to all humanity, but it does bring an end to Leanna’s ordinary life in Apocalypse Dreams.

m/m urban fantasy

A Tarragon Christmas is set between Tarragon Academy and Tarragon Dreams and features Jamie and Scott’s first Christmas. Ashton has torn the two lovers apart after the tumultuous mating flight that ended with Scott victorious, but the two are determined to spend their first Christmas together. With some persuasion and assistance from their professor and friend Mike, Ashton relents and gives them one night together: will it be enough?

urban fantasy
m/f urban fantasy

At Her Command is set during the events of Tarragon Dreams and features Amar’s point of view. In At Her Command, Amar’s relationship with Nikki is on the rocks even while his academic performance and dragon-based abilities are soaring. Will he resort to breaking up with Nikki, or does she have a trick up her sleeve to spice up their lives and reclaim her boyfriend’s interest?

m/m realism

A graduate student pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts receives harsh criticism on his thesis and falls into despair. When his friend Jake comes over to cheer him up, he’s expecting some encouraging words, but Jake has other plans. Soon he finds himself inspired and exhausted by a new relationship with his old friend, and he is able to face his criticism head-on.

m/m yaoi
m/m realism

Bastian is a basketball player passing as straight with a crush on a hunk from the football team. As he and his nerdy best friend prepare for the holiday and dream over sexy costumes, he dreams of his future with the football player even as he knows it’s probably hopeless. Can his best friend convince him to set his sights on a more reasonable goal? And will he ever get to wear the bunny costume of his dreams?

yaoi romance
m/m realism

The Boss’s Gift is a gay erotica flash fiction story about Christian, a young intern who has dreams of being promoted. His boss has been unusually kind to him recently, even helping him purchase several new suits, but what are his real intentions? Find out along with Christian as he is called into his boss’s office unexpectedly and things begin to take an unusual turn.

Christmas Traditions
m/m realism

Christmas has always been a time of traditions for a young couple, from opening a single present on Christmas Eve to getting each other dozens of little gifts to extend the joy of Christmas morning. But when Dean gets his boyfriend an unexpected Christmas Eve gift, things get steamy. And when Christmas finally arrives, a new tradition is put into motion.

mm scifi
m/m science fiction

Adil and Vali are posted on a desolate desert planet inhabited by dangerous enemies who regularly swarm and massacre the soldiers stationed at their base. It’s been three years since the last major attack, but the moons have converged into deddonaito, when the enemies are most active. As Adil keeps a nervous watch, Vali’s confidence grows as the moons cross paths overhead. But is that the sound of shifting sand nearby? If the enemies strike, can they escape together?

Fertile Harvest
m/m fantasy

Alfred is taking the last harvest from his farm to the nearby town to sell and with his father injured, it’s up to him to protect the goods from thieves along the way. When he is surrounded and it seems inevitable that his father’s fears will come true, however, someone unexpected shows up and offers him protection for an unnamed price. Will Alfred accept help from the handsome stranger and what price will he demand in exchange?

m/m realism
m/m realism

Kyle is hosting an annual Fourth of July barbecue with his friends despite being in mourning from a past boyfriend. A chance encounter leads him to invite someone new to the party, but will his boldness pay off? Find out as the party begins and he learns to celebrate independence.

m/m dark fantasy

Logan has prepared all of his life for the hunting rite, when he will be hunted by a group of novice hunters as part of a coming-of-age ceremony. But the ritual requires passion as well as cunning and Logan must be willing to give himself up to whoever captures him. Will he be ready for the life-altering ceremony, or will he flee from his responsibilities?

Immortal Binding
m/m fantasy

On a deserted island, a human creates a demon for companionship but when he dies, his demon is left without form and without food. When a group of humans finally comes to the island, the demon is desperate to feed on their emotions. But the leader of the humans demands a high price, and seems to have an unusual connection to the demon’s creator. Who is the forbidding stranger, and will he save the demon from starvation?

fantasy romance
m/f urban fantasy

Muriel must decide whether or not to enter into a magic contract in order to save her younger sister from a deadly plague. When Muriel hears of a cure for her sister’s illness, she is willing to do almost anything to save her. But the mysterious man holding the cure asks a high price for his assistance and Muriel might be meddling in magic beyond her capacity to understand.

mm fantasy
m/m fantasy

Amos has been a slave to the stablemaster in the palace his entire life. It’s a hard life, but things seem to be looking up when he stumbles into a place where he can hide and watch the youngest prince bathe outside. As he enjoys the sight of the beautiful nude prince, he makes a mistake – and someone unexpected catches him red-handed. A slave lusting over a prince is a high crime, and he has no excuses. What will the punishment be for such an egregious sin?

m/m realism

Alex receives a mysterious bouquet on Valentine’s Day. His roommate, Eric, and he try to figure out who the flowers are from but Alex isn’t interested in any of the potential ladies that they come up with and Eric seems a little too pleased by that development. Who sent the flowers, and what will happen when the secret admirer is revealed?

m/m space opera
m/m science fiction

Unspoken Love is set in 1664 GE, a year before the start of Second Galactic War. Adrian’s longtime boyfriend Peter approaches him with a sentimental gift that takes him back to the years when they first met, before their relationship grew sporadic and strained. Adrian rewards his lover with a sweet little love scene, but can he bring himself to tell his boyfriend that he loves him?

mm realism
m/m realism

It’s the day before Valentine’s Day and Benjamin’s boyfriend has already started giving him presents. Their relationship is solid, and has lasted several years now as they work their way through college. But is his boyfriend’s sweetness sincere, or does it indicate an ulterior motive? With February 14th coming up, Benjamin has to decide the fate of his relationship.

m/m dark fantasy

Charles, a young vampire hunter in charge of patrolling the city of Nalopi. When he spots a vampire, however, a mysterious stranger beats him to the punch and takes out the vampire for him. As he meets the new vampire hunter, he finds himself falling for the mystery man, but will the other vampire hunter feel the same?

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