The Demonborn Series

m/m urban fantasy
Two men embracing. They each have black wings. The man on the left is shirtless with dark hair and eyes, and the smaller man on the right is in a white shirt, brown hair, and red eyes.

Demon season begins…

For three days each year, demons can enter the human realm in search of a demonborn human to bond with. Taylor has always been nervous about his first demon season, and when he encounters an alluring and mysterious demon on his first night, his fears increase. His demon is the Prince of Demons, a role with unknown significance, and even more importantly, he’s an incubus. As Taylor struggles with his complicated sexual history in order to give his demon what he needs to survive, he finds that his past trauma is catching up in more ways than one.

A looming revolution…

As Taylor fights against his fears and enemies, his demon Gabriel also faces challenges. As the Prince of Demons, he was created in the image of the Demon King and has the same potential to tear the demonborn world into chaos. When the Demon King sacrifices his life, Taylor and Gabriel find their lives thrown upside down. Now, they find themselves at the brink of revolution, barely able to hold back the demons who want to maintain the old ways. 

An ancient evil…

Even more than the revolution between the demons, though, another threat lingers. In the darkness beyond the demon realm, an ancient evil stirs. The Demon King held her back for thousands of years, but with him gone, the Mother of Demons seeks revenge. Only Taylor has the power to hold her back, but his control is slipping. If he can’t keep her contained, a war far greater than the revolution will destroy the balance between demons and demonborn.

Series Completion
1/2 Books

Being a demonborn on the eve of his first demon season can be stressful, especially for Taylor, who’s never quite fit in. After a troubled youth marred by abuse, he’s finally set off on his own for a fresh start at college. On his first night, he finds himself in an unusual situation and before he can think, he’s bound to a demon he knows almost nothing about. When the demon reveals himself to be the prince of demons and an incubus, Taylor is forced to confront his own past and his repressed sexuality in order to give his lustful demon what he needs to survive.

After the chaotic events of Taylor’s first Demon Season and the semester that followed, he now finds himself part of the demon world. The role reversal between him and Gabriel leads to prejudice and discrimination as he leaves campus to return home, but that isn’t the only problem. The revolution that Gabriel predicted is brewing, with demons already starting to take sides, but Taylor discovers that there’s another threat underlying everything else. Only he is able to hold back a dark figure who threatens to destroy all of them, and the other demons will do anything to keep this figure contained. As the revolution threatens to spark at any moment, will Taylor be able to maintain the demonic seal holding back true evil?