Tarragon World

Book Six of the Tarragon Series

Tarragon World follows Jamie and Scott as they unravel the mysteries of how Tarragon society gains its power. Forced to rely on enemies for help and unable to turn to their allies, they must confront centuries of bloodshed as they struggle to fight for their own lives and the lives of those they love. The outside world threatens the safety of Tarragon society across the globe as uncontrolled greed and lust undermine the stability of their way of life. Will Jamie be able to keep the Tarragon world united, or will they splinter forever as their only way of avoiding discovery? And of those seeming to help him in his quest, who are sincere and who are waiting for their chance to betray him?

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The Tarragon Series

The Tarragon Series is a yaoi fantasy series about two young men struggling to find their place in a world where ancient ritual and modern technology collide and dragons have been spotted in the shadows of the mountain behind the football field.

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