m/m m/f space opera

Breaking Eternity begins with the first break in the war that has swept the galaxy into chaos: a galaxy-wide ceasefire. But the beginning of the ceasefire brings disaster for some, while offering the only chance at survival for others. As the temporary peace prevails, Damien is sent to negotiate an economic treaty with the nearby nation of Kreutzer and its new heir, Mat. As Mat and Damien are reunited, their friendship is stretched by the fighting their nations have endured.

Elsewhere in the galaxy, the other nations begin to take advantage of the peace to rebuild their infrastructure and military. Nami begins solidifying her power in an attempt to reform the failed nation of Caleb, and Sabine fights to be seen as the unquestioned queen of her nation. The extended peace offers enormous opportunity, but also poses potential danger, and while the nations seem content to stop fighting for the time being, war could break out again at any point.

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