Monthly Schedule

June 2018

Tuesday (May) 29th: Summer Special!

Friday 1st: Sagent

Sunday 3rd: Eternal War

Tuesday 5th: Summer Special!

Friday 8th: Sagent

Sunday 10th: Tarragon World

Tuesday 12th: Summer Special!

Friday 15th: Eternal War

Sunday 17th: Sagent

Tuesday 19th: Summer Special!

Friday 22nd: Eternal War

Sunday 24th: Tarragon World

Tuesday 26th: Summer Special!

Friday 29th: Sagent

Sunday (July) 1st: Demon Season

Note: There may be additional updates for new publications, short works, or interactive stories in addition to the posted updates.

Update Details

Updates will be posted on the calendar date indicated, usually between 12pm-9pm US Central Time (UTC-5). After the chapters are posted, an email will be sent with a summary of and links to the new chapter(s). Make sure to sign up for email alerts to stay up-to-date on your favorite stories!

If you have any requests for future months, whether works in progress or ideas for new works, please leave a comment! I take reader comments seriously and would be happy to take requests when possible.

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