The Eternity Series

m/m m/f space opera

The Eternity Series tracks the developments of the Second Galactic War from its beginnings with the kidnapping of the princess of Wendigo to the stunning conclusion. The series follows four main characters as they form and dissolve alliances and friendships, their loyalties and character coming into play as they negotiate politics and feelings. Sabine, a princess of Wendigo, must fight to free herself from the man she loves, the man who has been controlling her. Damien, a prince from Lohen, leads his army in protecting against a grave, unknown threat while dealing with demands from his cruel king. Mat, the commander of Kreutzer, balances loyalty to his nation with his friendship with Damien and Sabine, teetering on the brink of treason. And Adrian, blackmarket smuggler extraordinaire, moves behind the scenes to ensure that everything lines up according to his will. As relationships ebb and flow between them, the galaxy is remade into a new shape that will forever change humanity.

Series Completion
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Sabine is searching for her identity while fleeing a powerful man trying to steal her heart and mind. She is kidnapped by Damien, a man with conflicting loyalties and a mysterious past who claims to kidnap her in order to rescue her. As they flee from King Bertran, they encounter handsome fighters and charming smugglers who complicate their mission. Is Sabine strong enough to fight King Bertran and overcome her fears, or will she succumb to temptation and allow him to rule her life once more?

Sabine, Damien, Mat and Adrian flee from Vega into the unknown. While Mat and Adrian fight to retake Vega, Sabine and Damien embark on a quest to uncover Bertran’s secrets and unlock Sabine’s hidden powers. Their friendships and romances are tested by distance, time, and split loyalties. Will their relationships prove strong enough to endure, or will their loyalty to their home nations divide them as war overwhelms the galaxy?

The four allies return to their home nations and return to their status of enemies. As Sabine moves away from the others and becomes obsessed with reestablishing her own nation, Damien becomes isolated in Lohen and faces increasing difficulties in his home nation. Only Mat and Adrian seem to be able to straddle the line between friend and enemy as they struggle to keep Sabine and Damien from drifting too far apart. But will they be able to keep Damien and Sabine from worsening the Second Galactic War?

Breaking Eternity begins with the first break in the war that has swept the galaxy into chaos: a galaxy-wide ceasefire. But the beginning of the ceasefire brings disaster for some, while offering the only chance at survival for others. As the temporary peace prevails, Damien is sent to negotiate an economic treaty with the nearby nation of Kreutzer, and its new Heir, Mat. As Mat and Damien are reunited, their friendship is stretched by the fighting their nations have endured. The extended peace offers enormous opportunity, but also poses potential danger, and while the nations seem content to stop fighting for the time being, war could break out again at any point.

War has resumed after the month-long ceasefire and it looks like everything has gone back to normal, but there’s unrest in the nation of Lohen as they prepare for the annual Council of Nobles. With all of the political intrigue swirling around, it isn’t surprising that Damien is planning something major. When his allies threaten to get in his way, however, he isn’t prepared for the results.

The simmering conflict between Sabine and Damien comes to a head as the two are forced to come to terms with what is left of their friendship. Their fight leads them into the other dimension and ends unexpectedly. Meanwhile, two marriages are underway, and Mat and Damien host a party to celebrate the end of an era, inviting all of their friends, and a few enemies. Together, all of the main characters in the series mingle, drink, and try to avoid killing each other.

This episodic novella spans the events of Eve of Eternity and Eternity’s Caress and explores the major events and relationships in Nami’s life as she learns to trust no one, not even the people she thought were friends. But one man seems to remain true to her, no matter what happens, and she opens her heart to King Bertran. Will he be true to his word and protect her, or will she end up another casualty of the war sweeping over the galaxy?

Unspoken Love is set in 1664 GE in the Eternity galaxy, a year before the start of Second Galactic War. Adrian’s longtime boyfriend Peter approaches him with a sentimental gift that takes him back to the years when they first met, before their relationship grew sporadic and strained. Adrian rewards his lover with a sweet little love scene, but can he bring himself to tell his boyfriend that he loves him?

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