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Set in a complex and sprawling universe, the Eternity Series follows several key military and political leaders as they navigate the Second Galactic War from its accidental beginning to the stunning conclusion that will radically alter life throughout the galaxy. Learn about the major characters here!

Warning: Minor Spoilers

Damien / Treza

A mixed race man with short black hair streaked with red in a black military uniform.

Prince Damien rules the planet and system Sola in Lohen. He has ruled Sola since he took command of Lohen’s army in 1654 GE. Damien is commander of Lohen’s army under the pseudonym Treza. He serves King Alexander of Lohen and has sworn to protect Lohen from outside threats. In addition to serving Lohen, he serves King Yashim of the Drakor. He has a strong sense of morality that often conflicts with the orders he receives from both of his masters and he is frequently at odds with both kings. Because of his honorable nature and his refusal to obey unjust commands, Damien has accrued the exclusive loyalty of a large portion of Lohen’s army. Damien is half-Lithilien and half-Drakor and has talents from both races.

Sabine / Eve

A mixed race woman with shoulder length, fluffy black hair and hazel eyes dressed in black futuristic armor.

Princess Sabine is the daughter of King Avar and Queen Kalis. She was born in 1647 GE and is 17 years old at the start of Eve of Eternity. Her mother died when Sabine was a child and the loss has haunted her for as long as she can remember. Although King Avar has tried to raise her well, Sabine refuses to be a traditional princess and insists on participating in the government and protection of the nation, much to her father’s chagrin. Sabine has even been commander of the Wendigo army under the pseudonym Eve, named after an ancient Earth myth, although she has kept her identity secret on the battlefield. Sabine is half-Lithilien and half-Valeforan but has talents primarily from her Valeforan side.

Mat / Bode

A white man with short blond hair in a green and silver military uniform.

Mat is the commander of Kreutzer’s army under the pseudonym Bode. He serves King Edmond of Kreutzer. Mat was the heir to the throne of Rasdir until a violent revolution killed his parents and forced him and his sisters to flee and become commoners. He was adopted by Adrian and brought to Vega, a system in Wendigo that became the largest blackmarket in the galaxy. After advancing through the ranks of Vega’s guards, he transferred to Kreutzer and became commander of the entire nation within two years. He maintains a close relationship with Adrian while serving Kreutzer. Mat is well-known throughout Kreutzer as a playboy and he has never found a woman interesting or strong enough to catch his interest for long.


A black man with short, curly black hair in a green and gold jacket.

Adrian runs the largest blackmarket in the galaxy, located on Vega, a small system in Wendigo near the border with Lohen. Adrian is originally a commoner from Rasdir. After the revolution, he adopted Mat, the heir to Rasdir’s throne, and traveled to Vega to start a new home. Adrian is known to trade physical favors in exchange for goods, provided the person offering is an attractive man, and his conquests include some of the most powerful men in the galaxy. He has been in an off-and-on relationship with his boyfriend Peter ever since they fled Rasdir together, but has never taken the next step of proposing because he dreams of more excitement than Peter can provide. Adrian has no alien blood and cannot pilot ships.

Nami / Ultia

A white woman with long, curly red hair in a rust-colored shirt.

Nami was born a slave in the nation of Calib, but she and her mother were purchased by the royal family and given a life largely free of the toils most slaves endured. It is rumored that she is an illegitimate daughter of the King, or of some powerful noble, and that led to the King’s interest in her. She was a playmate to Prince Aaron and the two were inseparable growing up. She was freed on her eighteenth birthday, and Prince Aaron encouraged her to join the military. She soon became commander of Calib’s army under the pseudonym Ultia. Prince Aaron pursued their friendship into the bedroom, but although Nami tolerates him, her true love is in Mammon.


A white man with blond hair and an elaborate beaded teal and blue shirt with a red metal chest-piece on front.

Bertran is King of Mammon, having accepted the throne from his father in 1618 GE. His age has given rise to many rumors that he is an alien, and it is commonly accepted that he is the last alien alive. He has never corrected this rumor. Bertran adheres strictly to court protocol and has an intense desire to be in control at all times, but he has a taste for women who disobey him. He became engaged to Princess Sabine in 1664 GE and vowed not to let anything disrupt the wedding. As the male heir to the Valeforan dynasty, Bertran can control all of the jump gates if he chooses and has the ability to tap into the power and knowledge of past generations whose souls reside in the remaining towers in both dimensions.


An older white man with graying red hair in a fancy red shirt with silver embroidery and a black collar.

Yashim ruled as King of the Drakor for centuries before falling in love with Queen Kalis of the Lithiliens. He enslaved her, and all of the Lithiliens, but when she became pregnant with his child she managed to escape into another dimension. Yashim followed with as many Drakor as he could persuade to follow, and methodically tracked down and killed every single Lithilien except for Kalis and her child. Instead of returning to his dimension and reclaiming his throne, he decided to remain and rule a small system in Kreutzer. He monitors the remaining Valeforan, King Bertran, carefully, always waiting for his chance to destroy the man and end the rule of Valeforans once and for all.

Clara / Panzea

A white woman with a blond ponytail in black and silver alien armor with red and blue lighting reflecting on the armor.

Clara was kidnapped as a teenager by smugglers who needed her to pilot their ship. Although she made her way back home eventually, she returned to the skies and began working to regulate the jump gates. She encountered Damien and took him in, eventually working as his partner. They founded the nation of Lohen with help from Alexander, Zachary, and Michael, and she commanded the army under the pseudonym Panzea. A betrayal led Zachary and Michael to found Elnor in opposition of Lohen. She was the first to discover the solar flares and after the Galuf Flare, she dedicated herself and Lohen to containing and disabling the remaining solar flares. She was killed in the Calerad Flare in 1654 GE.

Chris / Laithe

A white woman with a short blond bob in a gray and black uniform with shoulder pads.

Chris serves as second-in-command in Kreutzer’s army and is a close friend of Mat. She is originally from Kreutzer but fell in love and followed her boyfriend to Vega, in Wengido, where she joined the guard. She became close friends with Mat and reached the top of the guard’s limited hierarchy. After her romance fell through, she transferred to Kreutzer’s army as a captain. When Kreutzer’s commander died, Chris recommended Mat as a potential replacement despite him not being a member of Kreutzer’s current army or even from Kreutzer. Chris’s relationship as King Edmond’s niece was enough that the king interviewed Mat, and when Mat became commander King Edmond in turn recommended Chris as second-in-command.

Jon / Krosil

A white man with short, spiked brown hair in a red military uniform with a silver cape.

Jon is the commander of Mammon under the pseudonym Krosil. He has been commander from an early age and works closely with King Bertran to ensure peace and profitable relationships with the other nations. As a result, Mammon is considered the most stable nation. Despite this, he is constantly seeking to make gains in the Unclaimed Quadrant while assisting King Bertran in his research. Jon was raised by Bertran after his mother abandoned him when he was a baby and maintains a strong relationship with the King. He has searched for his mother his entire life, seeking to understand why she would leave him without a word. He suspects that she is dead, but isn’t willing to give up yet.


A black woman with thick twist braids dyed teal at the bottoms.

Kyla is Treza’s second-in-command and close friend. She helped in the founding of Lohen and quickly became second-in-command under Panzea, with Damien serving as third-in-command, until she and Damien switched roles so that Kyla could focus on the border with Elnor. She worked closely with Panzea during her life, helping to contain the solar flares. She created the defensive patterns that Lohen uses to contain Elnor and has been in charge of Elnor’s borders for most of her career. She briefly served on Wendigo’s border after Eve reformed her army and is one of two captains able to hold her own against her, however the danger was too great and she moved to Kreutzer’s border. Treza regularly relies on her abilities when planning attacks.


A white man with shaggy brown hair hanging to his neck and stubble in a gray military uniform.

Vale is Eve’s third-in-command after the reformation of her army. He is originally from the Unclaimed Quadrant and, having no national army to join, went to Vega when he decided to join the military. He served as a captain in a small army that formed and then dissolved in the Unclaimed Quadrant after being unable to take enough territory to sustain the tiny nation. He briefly served in Calib, but left after Ultia was expelled. He was recruited by Eve on her second visit and made a high-ranking captain, and soon earned his exact position after proving himself in the Unclaimed Quadrant and along Mammon’s border. Generally quiet and unassuming, he is nonetheless a brilliant tactician and fighter.


A white woman with red hair in a braid and strands escaping around her face wearing a red and black gown with a black choker and ruby on it.

Mydria is the current Queen of the Drakor in the other dimension. She began taking over power when her brother, King Yashim, began his enslavement of the Lithiliens. She stood up for their rights and helped many Lithiliens escape into the other dimension, and when King Yashim took those loyal to him into the other dimension after them, she claimed the throne for herself and forbid contact with anyone who had left. She has succeeded in consolidating power despite the lack of jump gates, which became useless after the Lithiliens fled or were killed. Although she is unable to directly control most of the galaxy due to the difficulty of travel, all Drakor obey her and consider her their ruler.


A white man with brown hair and stubble in a gray military uniform.

Helios is Eve’s second-in-command after the reformation of her army. He is originally from Lohen and was personally recruited by Treza, but was kicked out of Lohen’s army less than a day after starting when his commanding officer decided he didn’t have the discipline required. Not wanting to give up on his dreams of being an officer, he went to Vega. He was recruited by Eve on her first visit and made a high-ranking captain, and when she was deciding exact ranks he insisted on becoming second-in-command. She allowed it, and gave him his choice of assignment: guarding Lohen’s border. He hopes to soothe his ruffled pride by defeating Treza in battle, and he despises anyone in Lohen’s army.


A black woman with almost an afro made of curls (sorry, I don't know black hairstyles well!) in a black dress with a necklace of seven gold coins.

Kalis ruled as Queen of the Lithiliens for centuries in the other dimension. She was the first to make interdimensional contact with the Valeforans and teach them to use their abilities, though the dimensions weren’t fully connected until 1614 GE. She fell in love with a Valeforan but the King of the Drakor kidnapped her before she could flee into the Valeforan’s dimension permanently. She chose to carry the resulting rape, but Yashim hunted her down and she had to part with her son. She assumed he was killed and regretted giving him up more than anything in her life. She married King Avar of Wendigo and together had a daughter, Sabine, and ruled the nation of Wendigo until her death in 1652 GE.

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