The Eternity Series

Set in a complex and sprawling universe, the Eternity Series follows several key military and political leaders as they navigate the Second Galactic War from its accidental beginning to the stunning conclusion that will radically alter life throughout the galaxy.

Book Six of the Eternity Series

Eternal Vows

m/m m/f space opera
Two couples leaning against each other. The couple on the left is two men, one black and one mixed race, in scifi outfits, and the couple on the right is a white man and mixed race woman, again in scifi outfits.

The conflict between Damien and Sabine has been growing for well over a year and the two are determined to kill each other. However, their friendship with Mat comes into play, as he’s Damien’s best friend and Sabine’s fiancé. When they try to kill each other despite Mat’s interference, they spark an incident in the other dimension that forever changes their relationship.

Meanwhile, Adrian has proposed to Damien, and despite his initial refusal, Adrian persuades him to agree even though it will cost Damien his title. With two marriages in motion, Mat and Damien arrange for a party to celebrate the end of an era, inviting all of their friends, and a few enemies. Almost all of the major figures from the series converge to drink, play, and try to avoid killing each other.