Book One of the Crescent Moon series

First Prince

m/m fantasy Adventure
m/m dark fantasy

First Prince tells the tale of Wren, the beautiful yet rebellious first prince of Fontain, as he is forced to move to the Imperial Palace as part of a treaty with the Empire in order to maintain independence for his home kingdom of Fontain. Upon arriving in the Imperial Palace, however, he receives a less than warm welcome and realizes that his stay will be fraught with drama and danger.

As Wren adapts to life in the Imperial court and struggles to understand his shifting role in Imperial politics, Fontain is always on his mind and he will do anything to protect its independence, even if it means sacrificing his own comfort. But when he finds romance at the palace in an unexpected place, he realizes that life in the Empire may not be as dire as he first imagined and that pleasure can be found where it is least expected. As his relationship expands into his first true love, politics bring his relationship into question and he is forced to choose between love and loyalty or face the ultimate price.

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