Eve of Eternity

m/m m/f space opera
m/m m/f space opera

Eve of Eternity is an epic space opera that follows Sabine, a young woman searching for her identity while fleeing the powerful man trying to steal her heart and mind. Sabine is almost under King Bertran’s control when she is kidnapped by Damien, a man with conflicting loyalties and a mysterious past who claims to kidnap her in order to rescue her.

As Sabine and Damien flee from King Bertran, they encounter handsome fighters and charming smugglers who complicate their mission, and soon it becomes clear that Sabine’s fate will determine the fate of the galaxy as her kidnapping sparks the Second Galactic War. Is Sabine strong enough to fight King Bertran and overcome her fears, or will she succumb to temptation and allow him to rule her life once more?

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