Eve of Eternity

m/m m/f space opera
m/m m/f space opera

Sabine is a young woman struggling against the restrictions of her rank as princess. She secretly leads her nation’s army but her young age leads them to constantly dismiss her despite her success on the battlefield, and when she meets Bertran, king of a neighboring nation and eligible bachelor, she starts setting aside her military aspirations for marital ones.

All of this is shattered when Damien, the commander of an enemy army and a man with conflicting loyalties, breaks into her castle and kidnaps her. As she struggles to survive in enemy hands, she begins to realize that maybe the people she thought were her allies were in fact working against her, and the man now holding her prisoner might just be trying to save her.

While on the run, she and Damien encounter Mat, another fighter who shows unexpected mercy and joins them in their flight, and Adrian, a blackmarket smuggler with shady intentions who offers them help, at a cost. As Sabine comes to accept her new reality, she realizes how fake love can be, and how brutal the consequences when one gives one’s heart without thought.

Will she be able to break free from the man who she now sees was controlling her, and how will Damien, Mat, and Adrian fit into her future?

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