Tarragon War

m/m urban fantasy

In Tarragon War, Jamie has successfully hatched and bonded to a Queen dragon and survived his first summer with her by escaping with his boyfriend Scott into the hatching grounds, spending carefree days with nothing but his lover and recruiting for the upcoming war to fill his time. But the school year is starting again and Jamie and Scott must return to campus, where Ashton, the leader of the council who is determined to make Jamie his and the man they will be fighting against in the war, has complete authority over everyone and everything.

The school year is made more complex when Scott’s former lover Derek shows up and vies for Scott’s attentions, and Scott feels compelled to be kind to the man despite Jamie’s jealousy. Political and personal complications surround Jamie and his Queen dragon and war seems on the verge of breaking out. But the outcome is uncertain and there are no guarantees that victory will end the corruption they are fighting, since the entire society seems steeped in bloodshed and unnecessary sacrifice. Will Jamie and Scott be successful and put an end to Ashton and his minions, or does Ashton’s power extend beyond their wildest dreams?

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2 thoughts on “Tarragon War

  1. I think your story is fantastic. I have reread this saga several times and each time I read it I enjoy it just as much as the first time. I have laughed,cried,sigh,and anger. I find my self counting the days until the next chapter.

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