Eternal War

m/m m/f space opera
romance space opera

Eternal War begins in chaos as Adrian fights for his life, and only Sabine can revive him. As Damien returns to Adrian’s side, devastated at the thought that he nearly killed his love, Mat returns to his home to take on his dual titles of heir and commander of Kreutzer. Sabine returns to her nation, and soon Damien has returned as well.

With everyone back to where they were before Sabine’s kidnapping, what promises to be peace quickly turns to violence. Sabine reclaims her throne and embarks on all-out war against Damien, throwing aside the law to inflict the maximum damage and restore her nation. Damien is hard-pressed to keep up, and as he fends off her attacks, she turns on Mat. Crushed by her actions, Mat turns to Damien, and the two deepen their friendship.

Meanwhile, Damien faces increasingly impossible assignments from his king and feels his own alliances slipping away. His relationship with Sabine is rocky at best, but he reaches out to Mat, his informal ally. Their friendship remains intact even when Sabine threatens to tear them apart. Together, they seek to find a way to quell Sabine’s sudden aggression.

Can any of their relationships survive Sabine’s betrayal?

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