Eternity's Caress

m/m m/f space opera
romance space opera

Eternity’s Caress follows Sabine, Mat, Damien, and Adrian as they try to escape after Bertran’s death. Sabine is in a state of shock and deeply impacted by the loss, as Bertran cursed her at the last moment and crippled her abilities.

Mat balances the need to return to his home and protect his own people with the need to stay with his new friends and allies, especially Sabine, for whom he has quickly developed feelings. Damien also wants to return home but is duty-bound to protect Sabine, even when that means putting up with Adrian, the blackmarket smuggler determined to win his heart.

When Sabine’s curse seems unsolvable, the four split up: Mat and Adrian return to their homes and normalcy even as the Second Galactic War rages on, and Sabine and Damien head into the Unclaimed Quadrant looking for information on the world of dreams that seems to hold the key to Sabine’s abilities.

In their separate locations, each of them faces an unexpected enemy that tests their loyalties and endurance. Will they be able to survive their ordeals, and will their relationships ever be the same?

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