Eternity's Caress

m/m m/f space opera
romance space opera

Chapter 1: Midnight Massage

They were safe. That was all Adrian cared about. Bertran was dead, something was wrong with Sabine, and Mat and Damien looked exhausted, but the four of them were alive and they had escaped Mammon. Mat had set a course into Kreutzer where they could regroup and then retake Vega. Adrian cursed Krosil silently for his quick action after Bertran’s death. He shouldn’t have been able to take Vega that easily. He shouldn’t have even known Bertran was dead. But when Sabine had killed Bertran, Adrian had seen Bertran’s ghost attack her. He couldn’t escape the thought that Bertran’s ghost had alerted Krosil somehow and that was how Krosil had moved in an entire fleet in less than an hour. He was lucky Damien and Mat were close enough that they could return from mining ore to rescue him. Although they were really rescuing Sabine, not him, he had to admit. Mat would have saved him, of course. But Damien wouldn’t. Not yet, at least.

Sabine retired to one of the four sleeping chambers on the ship immediately, leaving Adrian to assess the two tired men who had just rescued them. Mat and Damien had briefly discussed the best flight path to Kreutzer, where they could use one of Mat’s fleets to retake Vega from Mammon’s control. Mammon would be watching all of the nearby gates so they were out of the question, but both men thought a gate several days away would be unguarded. The two were now lounging in the kitchen area drinking coffee in comfortable silence.

Adrian poured Mat another cup, noticing the redness around his eyes and the relative slowness of his movements. It wasn’t the gravity; Mat was accustomed to the high gravity even if Adrian wasn’t. He had seen Mat like this before, but only rarely. Normally Mat could handle his alcohol, but he and Damien must have had quite an evening before they received the emergency beacon from Adrian. Now that the immediate concern of Bertran’s death and the need for escape had passed, Adrian knew he could safely tease the two men.

He was especially interested in Damien, because the man would be slightly less careful than usual. Adrian slipped a powder into Damien’s cup and the man didn’t notice at all, gulping it down quickly. The effects of the powder wouldn’t be felt for nearly twenty minutes, and Adrian grinned at the thought of what he could do once Damien started to respond.

“You two didn’t spend time off planet, did you?” Adrian asked. “You know you were supposed to be mining ore for me.”

Mat laughed. “We got most of your ore, don’t worry. And whether we chose to go off planet or not is our business.”

“Not if it’s affecting your ability to get the rest,” Adrian said.

“It’s not like we can even get to Vega to drop the ore off,” Mat pointed out. “Once we get rid of Mammon, then you can pester me about my late payment.”

Mat turned to Damien with a sly smile on his face. “Who did you end up with, by the way?”

Damien’s cheeks pinked in an endearing manner and he looked at Adrian before returning his gaze to Mat. “I thought we weren’t talking about what happened.”

“You promised not to tell Sabine,” Mat said. “I didn’t promise anything.”

Damien shrugged, but his gaze flickered to Adrian again before answering. “Lydia.”

Adrian was delighted that Damien felt embarrassed to talk about his evening with the woman in front of him – it meant that Damien had feelings for Adrian. Of course, Adrian knew that Damien felt something for him, but Damien was in a deep state of denial. Hopefully tonight would change that denial. Adrian couldn’t help but smile as he thought of crouching over Damien’s nude body. He enjoyed the chase, and he knew that Damien was going to be exquisite.

Mat and Damien chatted a little longer, but then Mat stood up and stretched. Damien was quick to follow, no doubt not wanting to be left alone with Adrian. Adrian didn’t mind; soon enough he would get his chance. Damien took the room closest to Sabine’s and Mat took the one next to his, perhaps knowing that Damien wouldn’t be able to sleep with Adrian next door. They bid each other and Adrian good night, and Adrian waved half-heartedly. He glanced at his watch.

He waited until the powder had enough time to kick in before he went to Damien’s door. It was locked, of course, but Adrian was an adept lockpicker and it only took a minute or two before the door was open. Adrian waited and listened to hear if Damien reacted to the opening door, but there were no sounds. He pushed the door open enough to slide in, then closed the door behind him. He stood in the doorway until his eyes adjusted and quickly the darkness of the room became a glorious vision of Damien lying half-naked in his cot, his well-defined chest on full display.

Adrian’s fingers ached to run over the hills and valleys of that belly and make his way lower, to the bulge between his legs, but he knew that would be too much for Damien. This would be a slow seduction. He didn’t want to scare off his prey.

Damien’s eyes were open and glittered in the dim light of the room. The powder had worked perfectly. Adrian wanted Damien awake and able to respond physically, but unable to control his body. It was likely a frightening position to be in, but Adrian would teach Damien to trust him.

Adrian went to the man’s side and dropped to his knees so that they were face to face. He caressed Damien’s velvet cheek and kissed his forehead.

“Sorry, love,” Adrian said, “but you weren’t giving me a chance. I won’t do anything, don’t worry. I just want to hold you, and I want you to hold me and see what you’re missing.”

Adrian’s hands caressed his shoulders, then turned him so that he was lying on his stomach comfortably. He checked Damien’s head and arms to make sure that the man was as comfortable as possible in his new position. Then he allowed his hands to slide down to Damien’s hips and pull off his sleeping pants. He held his breath as he exposed Damien’s ass, and he wasn’t disappointed. Damien was sculpted; perfect in all regards. Adrian tossed the pants to the ground and arranged his legs so they would be comfortable. He leaned back and took a long moment to let the image of Damien’s broad back, perfectly sculpted ass, and long muscled legs sink into his memory. Then he climbed onto the bed and straddled Damien.

Damien inhaled sharply and Adrian made a soothing sound. He rested his hands on Damien’s shoulders and began kneading the stiff muscles there. He had given massages to plenty of men in his time, and he knew exactly how to relieve stress. A swirling motion here, pressure there and soon Damien was relaxing into his touch as if against his will. A soft sigh escaped the man’s lips. Adrian worked at his neck and shoulders for a long time, then turned to his full back. He let his fingers trail lightly against Damien’s side and the man flinched slightly. Adrian smiled. So Damien was ticklish. He wouldn’t have guessed that. Ticklish men, he had learned, were usually the most responsive.

Adrian scooted down on the cot and let his fingers work their way into Damien’s muscular hips and finally his ass. He didn’t try to spread those alluring cheeks and get a glimpse of Damien’s entrance, though he was extremely tempted. Damien needed to know that Adrian could be trusted, and moving too fast could be fatal in this game. Already Damien had tensed when Adrian started massaging his hips, and Adrian had to work slowly as he kneaded his fingers into Damien’s tightly muscled ass.

As much as he wanted to continue forever on that particular body part, Adrian knew Damien was nervous so he let his hands move downward to his thighs, a subtle indication to Damien that Adrian was not about to take advantage of him. Damien seemed to relax slightly as Adrian’s efforts became concentrated on his legs, and by the time Adrian was at his calves he was completely limp in Adrian’s hands. Adrian grinned.

He spent a lot of time on Damien’s feet, since he knew fighters were always on their feet and rarely had the pleasure of a foot massage, and Damien let out several low moans of pleasure as Adrian stroked him firmly across the sole of his foot. He was careful not to touch too lightly, since he knew Damien was ticklish and he didn’t want Damien flinching. He glanced at his watch as he worked on Damien’s feet. The powder would be wearing off very shortly and Damien would be fully able to move. Already Damien had the capability to move slightly, but he hadn’t realized it yet.

After Damien’s feet were thoroughly spoiled, Adrian began working back up his body, massaging his calves again, then his thighs, then his ass. This time Damien didn’t tighten or flinch at all when Adrian stroked his cheeks and hips, even though he was fully capable of moving at this point. Adrian was grinning. Damien was letting him massage him, of his own free will. This was no longer a forced massage but a welcome one, and Adrian thrilled as he worked his way up Damien’s back to his shoulders and neck again. He kissed the nape of Damien’s neck right over his tattoo.

“If you turn over, I’ll do your front,” he whispered in what he hoped was an enticing tone.

Damien’s eyes flew open. His hands twitched, then he pushed himself up.

“I can move?”

“For the past twenty minutes or so.”

Damien stared at Adrian incomprehensively. “Get out,” he finally managed.

“Are you sure?”

“Get out,” Damien repeated, louder this time.

Adrian stood. He was fairly hard after all the touching and stroking he had given Damien, but he had expected to come away from this evening without relief. He was just glad Damien had let him stay as long as he had. Adrian left the room without a word and went to his room. A few minutes later he heard a sound outside and slit his door open in time to see Damien slipping into Sabine’s room. Adrian let out a soft laugh. So he was running to his sister for protection? Each room could hold two people if the second person didn’t mind sleeping on an uncomfortable pull out cot, and Damien must have preferred being away from Adrian to comfort. It meant, however, that Adrian had successfully shaken Damien and made the man realize what he had to offer.

Adrian climbed into his bed and let his hand wander down to his stiffening need. In the morning, Damien would look at him in a whole new way. He could hardly wait.

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