Hunting Rites

m/m fantasy

Logan has prepared all of his life for the hunting rite, when he will be hunted by a group of novice hunters as part of a coming-of-age ceremony. But the ritual requires passion as well as cunning and Logan must be willing to give himself up to whoever captures him. Will he be ready for the life-altering ceremony, or will he flee from his responsibilities?

“This is a great story. One of my favorites.”
- doloresvulvetta

Seeking More

Hunting Rites is a story from the collection “Seeking More.” The collection has five stories total, including this one, which is one of the shorter stories in the collection. Each story has been previously published on this site for a special occasion and has a story behind why and how it was written. You are invited to learn more, and if you are interested, check it out on Amazon!

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