Seeking More

Seeking More is a collection of short, erotic stories from Thrall of Darkness. Each story has a history as to why it was published and what it means to the site, which you can learn about here. Also, please read Hunting Rites to get a feel for what these stories are like and whether you would like to purchase the rest of the collection. I hope you enjoy!

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A Writer’s Dream

This longer short story is based partially on my experiences in an MFA program, but mostly on my imagination. In it, I tried to make erotica that was more literary in nature yet still with the drama and action that people have come to expect from Thrall of Darkness. This story was originally written to celebrate Spring Break 2013.

Secret Admirer

This slightly shorter story tells the tale of a man in love who is faced with a friend blind to his love, and his attempts to break through that wall of ignorance. This story was originally written for Valentine’s Day 2014.

Vampire Hunter

One of my favorites, and one that may potentially get turned into a novel at some point, this story tells the story of a vampire hunter who discovers an unexpected ally… or is he? This story was originally written for April Fool’s Day 2015.

Hunting Rites

Available for free on this website! This is a very popular story about a priest and his coming-of-age ritual, which overlaps with the hunter’s coming-of-age ceremony in a delightful way (delightful for the reader, that is!). This story was originally written for Summer Solstice 2014.

The Boss’s Gift

A simple gift from a boss leads to favoritism which somehow leads to more, and suddenly Christian finds himself alone in a room with his boss and realizes that he isn’t in control anymore. This story was originally written for Boss’s Day 2013.