Seeking More

Seeking More is a collection of short stories that range from the realistic to the fantastic, from deeply emotional to action-packed, from hapless MFA students to prideful vampire hunters. Each story is focused not only on steamy romance, of which there is plenty, but also on character development and an emotional connection between reader and character.

A Writer's Dream

A graduate student pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts receives harsh criticism on his thesis and falls into despair. When his friend Jake comes over to cheer him up, he’s expecting some encouraging words, but Jake has other plans. Soon he finds himself inspired and exhausted by a new relationship with his old friend, and he is able to face his criticism head-on.

Secret Admirer

Alex receives a mysterious bouquet on Valentine’s Day. His roommate, Eric, and he try to figure out who the flowers are from but Alex isn’t interested in any of the potential ladies that they come up with and Eric seems a little too pleased by that development. Who sent the flowers, and what will happen when the secret admirer is revealed?

Vampire Hunter

Charles, a young vampire hunter in charge of patrolling the city of Nalopi. When he spots a vampire, however, a mysterious stranger beats him to the punch and takes out the vampire for him. As he meets the new vampire hunter, he finds himself falling for the mystery man, but will the other vampire hunter feel the same?

Hunting Rites

Logan has prepared all of his life for the hunting rite, when he will be hunted by a group of novice hunters as part of a coming-of-age ceremony. But the ritual requires passion as well as cunning and Logan must be willing to give himself up to whoever captures him. Will he be ready for the life-altering ceremony, or will he flee from his responsibilities?

The Boss's Gift

The Boss’s Gift is a gay erotica flash fiction story about Christian, a young intern who has dreams of being promoted. His boss has been unusually kind to him recently, even helping him purchase several new suits, but what are his real intentions? Find out along with Christian as he is called into his boss’s office unexpectedly and things begin to take an unusual turn.

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