romance space opera
Eternal Flame starts in 1664 GE and spans events in Eve of Eternity and part of Eternity's Caress

Eternal Flame is an episodic tale of Nami and the men who have betrayed her, starting with the prince she has served and befriended since childhood. As a slave, Nami had little freedom growing up but now that she is a woman, she has fought her way to become commander of her nation’s military. However, many of her soldiers have problems taking orders from a woman and her life is fraught with danger.

Nami’s journey is one of painful consequences and she slowly learns to trust no one, even the people she thought were friends. But one man seems to remain true to her, no matter what happens, and she opens her heart to King Bertran. Will he be true to his word and protect her, or will she end up another casualty of the war sweeping over the galaxy?

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