The Tarragon Series

The Tarragon Series is a yaoi fantasy series about two young men struggling to find their place in a world where ancient ritual and modern technology collide and dragons have been spotted in the shadows of the mountain behind the football field. Please read Tarragon Academy first.

Tarragon Desires

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In Tarragon Desires, the Elder has firmly established himself in the new campus and life has settled into a new kind of normal, but just under the surface emotions are seething and revenge is being planned in any number of hidden corners.

As Jamie and Derek try to keep their respective campuses under control and avoid a war between them, they increasingly begin to find themselves divided when they should be united, and only Scott and a few select individuals have the chance to unite the two Queens again. Will the Queens be united and Tarragon society preserved, or will their differences be too great to overcome? Find out in Tarragon Desires.

Praise for Tarragon Desires:

“Woe! The plot really does thicken here… Good writing!”

– astardancer

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