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Treacherous a Dragon’s Love is an m/f fantasy romance novella about a young woman and her prince struggling to find love in a kingdom where love is no longer the norm.

In the middle of the final battle against the great dragon Arostrath, a woman appears bound in golden chains and seemingly under the spell of dragongaze. The King claims her as his reward in the disappointing venture against the dragon after all attempts to verify the dragon’s death fail. When months pass and the dragon appears to be dead, the kingdom grows uneasy and the King’s sons finally find themselves in a position to take over the throne from their ruthless father.

But the youngest son has an unusual fondness for the dragon woman that could undo all of their plans and cast the kingdom into ruin. Will his love for the beautiful and strange woman destroy the kingdom, or does her mystery hide the answer to all of their prayers?

Praise for Treacherous a Dragon’s Love:

“This story was so compelling. I couldn’t stop reading once I started and literally stayed up all night until I finished this afternoon. I really enjoyed it, particularly the twisted ending (delightfully twisted!).”

– astardancer

“Wonderful ending–not what I was expecting at all!”

– doloresvulvetta

“Great story I really enjoyed it!”

– LADYaoi

“Very well written and very enjoyable. Love to read more of these two lovers and their adventures through the times.”

– Desert Fox

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