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Get ready to enter worlds of forbidden romance, dangerous passion, and a cast of characters unlike any you’ve known. Thrall of Darkness offers numerous series, novels, novellas, short stories, and interactive stories for you to explore. 

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New, standalone novel! Follow Gabriel as he enters the underbelly of society and realizes that the criminal enterprise he is sent to destroy might offer him a better life than he ever imagined possible.

Book Six of the Tarragon Series – the exciting conclusion! Keep updated to see what happens as the characters you’ve come to love and hate face the ultimate crisis in the Tarragon world.

Our Mission

Thrall of Darkness was founded because there is a shortage of good, quality literature featuring gay protagonists that does not reduce gay characters to stereotypes or dismiss them as secondary characters.


Thrall of Darkness believes in explicit consent and condemns nonconsensual sex. While some stories include nonconsensual touching/sex, it is portrayed negatively and should never be imitated in real life.

Seal of Approval

Every story with our Seal of Approval seeks to challenge the status quo by focusing on gay characters and combining drama, action, and sex into an addicting blend of fun-filled narrative for those over 18.

Available Stories

m/m yaoi urban fantasy

The novels of the Tarragon series are yaoi fantasy novels about two young men struggling to find their place in a world where ancient ritual and modern technology collide and dragons have been spotted in the shadows of the mountain behind the football field. Five of six novels have been completed.

yaoi science fiction
m/m yaoi science fiction

After life in the vast, orbiting city of Destiny, Gabriel’s life is changed forever after a mission lands him in the Drops, a city rife with crime and the microbes that destroy human DNA. When his mission is interrupted, Gabriel finds himself torn between returning to safety or finding a freedom he never imagined possible. Will Gabriel remain loyal, or will he break free from his training and embrace his individuality?

m/f fantasy romance

In the middle of the final battle against the great dragon Arostrath, a woman appears bound in golden chains. The King claims her as his reward but the youngest son has an unusual fondness for her that could cast the kingdom into ruin. Will his love for the beautiful and strange woman destroy the kingdom, or does her mystery hide the answer to all of their prayers?

yaoi fantasy
m/m yaoi fantasy

When Prince Tristan is captured in battle, he fully expects to be tortured and killed. But the torture turns to erotic pleasure as he learns that his enemy, Prince Ryan, is in love with him and has been planning his capture with meticulous care for years. Will Tristan hold firm to his principles, or will Ryan’s forceful seduction overpower his senses?

m/m fantasy
m/m yaoi dark fantasy

First Prince tells the tale of Wren, the beautiful yet rebellious first prince of Fontain, as he is forced to move to the Imperial Palace as part of a treaty. Despite a chilling reception, he soon finds romance where he least expects it and as his relationship expands into his first true love, politics bring his relationship into question and he is forced to choose between love and loyalty or face the ultimate price.

science fiction
m/m yaoi science fiction

When Sam is kidnapped by pirates, he makes a deal: he will be sold as a slave in exchange for the freedom of his crew. But the pirates lie, and he is sold anyway. He finds his new Albin owner enchanting and despite his efforts to resist, he finds himself falling for the man. Together, he and the Albin search for his enslaved crew members and seek to free them, but will it be too late? And what will Sam’s fate be once his crew has all been freed?

yaoi romance
m/m yaoi

Seeking More is a collection of short, erotic stories from Thrall of Darkness. Ranging from realism to the fantastic, each story highlights a different aspect of love and lust, and explores the connection between the two. Dive into these short gems for a quick thrill and a glimpse into worlds and characters that will stay with you long after the story has ended!

f/f dark fantasy

Blood Oath weaves the tale of Kirin, a unicorn lured into a Blood Oath that traps her in a human body, and Zakyla, a woman fighting to stay alive in a world overrun with bandits. When they are brought together under the care of Cinthe, the mage who enslaved Kirin, romance begins to bloom despite Cinthe’s disapproval. Will Kirin be able to free herself, or will Zakyla’s presence cause Cinthe to turn against them both?