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Thrall of Darkness was founded because there is a shortage of good, quality literature featuring gay protagonists that does not reduce gay characters to stereotypes or dismiss them as secondary characters. Every story seeks to challenge the status quo by focusing on gay characters and combining drama, action, and sex into an addicting blend of fun-filled narrative. Enjoy free novels and stories and become enthralled in a world of character driven, sexy romance.

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The Tarragon Series

The Tarragon series is a 6-book yaoi fantasy series about two young men struggling to find their place in a world where ancient ritual and modern technology collide and dragons have been spotted in the shadows behind the football field.

Tarragon Academy - Book One
m/m urban fantasy

Graduates of Tarragon Academy are virtually guaranteed success in any field they pursue, but the first year exam can be a real killer. Jamie made it into the college, but is having a hard time adapting to the teachers and other students until he meets an upperclassman named Scott. Will Scott help him thrive in his new school, or does Scott have his own reasons for helping the beautiful young freshman?

The Eternity Series

Set in a complex and sprawling universe, the Eternity Series follows several key military and political leaders as they navigate the Second Galactic War from its accidental beginning to the stunning conclusion that will radically alter life throughout the galaxy.

Eve of Eternity - Book One
m/f m/m science fiction

Sabine is searching for her identity while fleeing a powerful man trying to steal her heart and mind. She is kidnapped by Damien, a man with conflicting loyalties and a mysterious past who claims to kidnap her in order to rescue her. As they flee from King Bertran, they encounter handsome fighters and charming smugglers who complicate their mission. Is Sabine strong enough to fight King Bertran and overcome her fears, or will she succumb to temptation and allow him to rule her life once more?

First Prince
m/m fantasy adventure

Wren, the beautiful yet rebellious first prince of Fontain, will do anything to protect his home even after his nation has been conquered by the Empire. Upon arriving in the Imperial Palace, however, he realizes that his stay will be fraught with drama and danger even as he finds love in an unexpected place. As his relationship expands into his first true love, politics bring his relationship into question and he is forced to choose between love and loyalty or face the ultimate price.

Bride of Albis
m/m science fiction

Sam and his crew are kidnapped by pirates and Sam is sold as a slave in exchange for the freedom of his crew. But when the pirates lie and sell his crew as well, he vows vengeance. Sam begins falling in love with the man he has been sold to as he and his new master search for his enslaved crew members and seek to free them, but will it be too late? And what will Sam’s fate be once his crew has all been freed?