The Tarragon Series

The Tarragon Series is a yaoi fantasy series about two young men struggling to find their place in a world where ancient ritual and modern technology collide and dragons have been spotted in the shadows of the mountain behind the football field. Please read Tarragon Academy first.

Tarragon Dreams

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Jamie Wendell has successfully navigated the first year exam and emerged with a queen dragon, but he is finding that having the most powerful dragon on campus has made him a target for Tarragon Council. The council seeks to make him submit to their authority, but Jamie isn’t about to submit to anyone except his boyfriend, Scott, who has been taken from him by the council’s command.

With Jamie and the council at odds, other dragons and partners from across the country arrive to participate in what is becoming a dangerous power struggle that threatens the lives of more than just the people involved as the council’s full power is revealed. Will Jamie be able to control the council and negotiate new leadership, or will the council’s longstanding power be maintained? Find out in Tarragon Dreams.

Praise for Tarragon Dreams:

“I am so addicted to this story. I can’t help, but read the chapters over and over again… :3”

– EvilGreenEyes

“KYAAAA this is so awesome… I’m really looking forward to this!”

– LADYaoi

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  1. I am so addicted to this story. I can’t help, but read the chapters over and over again while I await each new update. :3

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