Tarragon Dreams

Prologue: Awakening

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Kale awoke with an erection and a burning desire to fly back to Tarragon Academy to join a mating flight. It should have been impossible: he and his dragon were nearly three thousand miles away from his alma mater, yet the desire was growing. Vestis growled and prepared to take flight but Kale forced him to remain still with a powerful command. The dragon reluctantly obeyed. Kale dressed quickly and left his room in search of the other graduates to see if they were experiencing similar symptoms.

The White House was in chaos. Since most of the staff were bonded to dragons and all seemed to be feeling the same bizarre, unexpected lust, many of the guards had snuck off to share intimate moments and even many of the cleaning staff had thrown aside their mops to grab the nearest partner.

Kale wanted to look down his nose at them for their inability to control the strong lust that was even now pulsing through his veins but he couldn’t. Their relationships with their dragons were different than his and they had no experience with dragon-born emotions. Kale, on the other hand, was one of the few who could hear his dragon and he was used to feeling every flicker of emotion in his partner.

The President himself was safe, Kale was glad to see, and his body guards, all men like Kale with strongly bonded dragons, were preventing him from seeing anything unusual. The President was completely unaware that his White House was in a shambles. But even though the guards were doing their job, Kale could sense their unease and embarrassment, and he knew they were feeling the same desire to join the mating flight. Kale just prayed none of the dragons would be foolish enough to try a mating flight here, where any unauthorized objects in the sky were shot down without question. He tried to reassure himself that the White House staff, despite their current disarray, was fully trained and would never let such a thing happen. But no one had ever anticipated this.

“Ah, Kale,” the president said. “I was expecting you. Is everything all right?”

He was observant for a non-bonded human, perhaps too observant. He suspected them, perhaps he even knew, but he was smart, and trustworthy. He didn’t ask, and they didn’t tell. It was a good relationship, unlike the last few presidents who had either been completely oblivious or far too nosy for their own good. This president was intelligent and Kale appreciated it. It made his job easier.

“Everything is under control, sir,” Kale said, even as his cock throbbed in disagreement. He prayed it wasn’t visible. The lust was, luckily, dying down quickly and he could see the relief in the other men. They would undoubtedly find a partner to burn off the residual lust, but the urgency was gone. Kale still was trying to figure out how a mating flight in Portland could affect everyone in Washington DC. It should have been impossible.

“I’ll be taking a vacation to Oregon, sir,” he said, and then he blinked. He hadn’t planned on saying that but now that he thought about it, it was the only rational thing to do. The Academy would never explain what had happened, so if he wanted to find out, he would need to go himself and get answers.

“Well, you certainly have the vacation days for it,” the president said with a smile. “I trust that you’ll leave me in good hands.”

“The best, sir. It will take some time to prepare for my departure, but I estimate I’ll leave in about a month.”

He always felt so stilted when talking to the president. He hadn’t gotten over his childhood awe at the most powerful person in the country, if not the world. Sure, the Tarragon Council might be more powerful, but no one knew about them. The president was a public figure, and Kale was young enough to constantly be overwhelmed by his responsibilities as the president’s personal assistant. But he had a month to arrange for a replacement. That ought to be enough time to prepare. And whatever was happening in Tarragon Academy would still be going on, he knew. If there was a dragon so powerful that he felt her mating flight, she wasn’t going anywhere soon. The council would hold onto her for as long as they could and it might be up to Kale to help free her from the council’s clutches as he had freed himself.

He took a deep breath. It had taken all of his power to escape from Tarragon Academy and the council, and it was madness to go back. But any dragon powerful enough to do this needed help, and he knew it was his responsibility to offer that help. Portland it would be, he thought grimly to himself. In one month.

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  1. KYAAAA this is so awesome what a great start I’m really looking forward to this and this is just a fantastic beginning!!!

  2. Oh my gosh Jamie is going to be so embarrassed when he finds out about how far his “call” went. This is a great start and I can tell that this is going to get epic. 🙂

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