Eternity's Flare

m/m m/f space opera

Eternity’s Flare begins as Damien prepares to finally take King Alexander out of power. After months of careful planning, everything is finally in place. However, Mat has other plans, and captures him at a critical moment. Unable to complete his original plans for a coup, Damien is forced to think on his feet in order to stay in control of the situation. When King Alexander takes the initiative and acts first, Damien and the entire galaxy are caught off guard.

Meanwhile, Sabine is finally getting her military and throne under control, and with Damien posed to begin a civil war, she sees a chance to claim some of his territory for herself. In the aftermath of King Alexander’s actions, she finds herself the target of blackmail right at the time when she’s under pressure from Mat. Will her love for Mat win out, or will she give in to the blackmail and protect her throne?

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