Hunting Rites

Chapter 2: Completion

As an acolyte, he had never been allowed any sexual pleasure, even self-gratification, and now his body was on fire with a heat he had only dreamed of. This hunter was turning him on in ways he had imagined but never experienced, and he wanted more. The hunter’s hand slid to his penis, then his balls, and he arched his back and let out a sigh of pleasure. Then the hunter’s hand slid further back to his entrance and Logan braced himself for what was coming next.

The hunter lifted Logan’s legs so that the hunter was positioned just outside his entrance. They were both hard and Logan felt like he was on fire. He was eager to continue, and only a little frightened. He knew the moon was guiding this encounter and it was blessed, and besides, it felt so good. Then the hunter pressed against him and popped into his body in a rush, then began a long, slow slide until he was completely encased in Logan’s body. Logan murmured in pleasure and the hunter kissed his cheek.

Once the hunter was deep inside, he began thrusting and Logan nearly cried out at the sudden pleasure. He had thought the feel of the hunter was pleasure, but this was incredible. His body flamed and spun in time with the thrusts until he knew he wouldn’t be able to take it any more, but then the hunter would slow down a little and Logan would gasp for breath and be able to last a little longer. The hunter played him well, balancing his arousal skillfully to ensure that he got the maximum pleasure in the encounter, until finally it seemed that the hunter couldn’t control himself any more than Logan could and his thrusts became irregular.

Logan twisted underneath him as the pleasure became too much and the motion seemed to send the hunter over the edge; the hunter cried out sharply and then something was exploding deep within Logan, who felt his balls tighten and dizziness sweep over him as his own penis exploded into streams of sizzling pleasure. When his mind cleared, he and the hunter were still locked together, both panting for breath, until the hunter slowly pulled out of him.

The hunter kissed him softly and then went to the pond, cleaning himself and moistening a rag that he brought back to Logan for him to clean himself with. The moon sparkled on a horizon that was beginning to be tinted with sunrise. Logan cleaned himself up and pulled on his robes as the hunter dressed. They didn’t speak; there was no need to speak. The ceremony was over and they would return together to the monastery. Then they would go their separate ways, but every summer solstice, the hunter would return.

For the next few years he would return only to strengthen the bond between them and Logan looked forward to those visits, knowing he could expect a gentle and passionate lover. But when the hunter became a powerful figure in the hunter society – and Logan had no doubt that he would – then he would return as a leader to the young hunters. Logan would still have the pleasure of seeing him, but their private time would be less. Logan would miss him, certainly, but he would be honored to have been the one to initiate the hunter that Logan knew would become the leader of the hunters one day.

When they returned to the monastery, most of the other hunters had already returned, having given up at the sight of the rising sun. They had participated in the hunting ritual, however, and were now considered men. Many of them looked on jealously as the hunter held Logan’s hand and the two of them approached the dais with the elder priests and elder hunters. The elders approved of the match, and then the hunter was taken away with the other hunters and Logan knew he wouldn’t see the man for another year. Logan, on the other hand, was taken to a private room and helped into a bath filled with relaxing herbs.

The other priests laughed and talked about their hunting rites, but Logan only smiled when they asked about his. Perhaps in time he would talk about it, but for now, he wanted to bask in the memory alone. When he exited the bath he was given the robes of the priesthood, dark blue as opposed to white, and taken to the altar of the moon. As he made his formal vows, he felt the pleasant ache in his body and knew that he would always remember his hunting rite with pleasure.

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