Tarragon War

Chapter 3: Together

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Jamie grinned as Scott sat on the bed beside him and took off his shoes and socks. Jamie did the same, and couldn’t keep his grin from getting wider. They had slept together over the summer, but only on the hard, rocky ground. Being in a bed would be an incredibly luxurious experience after so much time away. He was a little worried that something would drag Scott away like the representative had earlier, but Scott seemed to genuinely think that nothing could interrupt them. They had already dealt with the council and the representative, so there shouldn’t be anyone or anything else until classes in the morning. Until then, it was just them.

Scott pulled his shirt over his head and Jamie admired his hazelnut skin once more, and the muscles that rippled beneath it. His tongue ached with the need to taste that skin and feel Scott’s nipples growing hard under him. He ached for the feel of Scott’s cock as well, but that was still hidden. Jamie placed his hands on Scott’s shoulders and pushed the man backwards, straddling him and lowering his head so that he could lick a stripe down the center of his chest. Scott sighed in pleasure. Jamie let his tongue wander to Scott’s nipples and the difference in texture intrigued and enticed him as always, the feel of the nubs playfully rubbing against his tongue a marvelous sensation. Scott tasted of rain from their flight back to dragon canyon, a heavy taste with echoes of darkness unusual for his lover and Jamie scoured his tongue across more of Scott’s body, wanting more.

Scott’s hands pulled at Jamie’s shirt but he couldn’t reach the buttons to undo it, so he ended up twisting it into his hands rather than removing it as he sighed and moaned at Jamie’s licking. Scott curled around Jamie and Jamie could see and feel the hardening mound in his pants. Jamie let one of his hands slip down and stroke him through the thick material of his pants and Scott jumped and groaned.

“Too much, you’re too much for me,” he whispered, trying to pull his pants off.

Jamie stroked him a few more times, exalting in the power he had over his boyfriend before finally allowing Scott to disrobe and release his cock from the confines of his pants. As soon as the pants were gone, Scott’s beautiful cock bobbed up against his belly and Jamie’s mouth went dry. He wanted Scott inside of him. He wanted to be cushioned on this comfortable bed as Scott was inside of him. Just the thought made him shiver with desire and his fingers stumbled as he tried to unbutton his shirt with no more success than Scott had had earlier. Scott laughed, a smoky laugh, and helped him. Now that Scott was naked he seemed much more in control of the situation. Or perhaps Jamie’s need had grown greater than Scott’s now that Scott’s cock was revealed in all its glory.

Together, they managed to unbutton Jamie’s shirt and as they pulled it off, Scott kissed Jamie’s shoulders where the old scars were as well as his abdomen where the new scars were. Jamie flushed and felt some embarrassment, but mostly overwhelming love and joy at having found someone who accepted him so thoroughly. Jamie’s pants were next and Scott made quick work of them, whipping them off in no time. Scott let out a sigh of awe as he stared at Jamie’s arousal and Jamie’s blush grew deeper. He knew that Scott loved looking at him naked, but he still didn’t understand why Scott thought he was beautiful when Scott was the most beautiful man alive. He didn’t care too much, though – as long as his boyfriend was happy, he was happy too.

Scott pulled him down until they were embracing on the soft bed, bodies pressed against each other, cocks rubbing up together. Scott grabbed one of the blankets at the foot of the bed and pulled it over them. Jamie was surprised; they had never had sex under a blanket before, instead having sex in the open. But it was cold, he thought, and the blanket trapped their heat. It was also exhilarating feeling the soft cotton of the blanket caressing his skin even as Scott’s hands began travelling up and down his back.

Jamie kissed Scott and as their lips met, any remaining cold in the room melted away and was replaced by the heat of their love. Jamie rubbed against Scott, longing to be closer, knowing he wouldn’t be satisfied until Scott was inside him but wanting to enjoy every single moment of this experience. Scott’s tongue mapped his mouth as Jamie gave himself over to the pleasure of the kiss and clutched Scott tightly, grinding against him to create friction between them. His cock was aching with need and as he rubbed against Scott’s, he knew they were both finding satisfaction.

Some nights during the summer this was the furthest they got, grinding against each other until they reached completion, stroking each other off without Scott entering Jamie. But tonight Jamie wanted everything, he wanted to feel that special connection between them that only formed when Scott was fully inside him. It was a type of bonding, just like the bonding he and Marisol had endured, and while neither Jamie nor Scott understood why it happened, both agreed that it meant they were destined to be together. Occasionally Jamie worried that he would feel the same connection with anyone he had sex with, but he always pushed those thoughts out of his mind and he did tonight as well. Tonight was about Scott, and the comfortable bed, and preparing for the school year.

As Scott kissed him and they rubbed against each other, Jamie shut his eyes and smiled. What a change from last year. Last year, Jamie had been a virgin who never would have dreamed about having sex, let alone sex with a man who loved him. He had been firmly in the closet and avoided intimacy and it had taken Scott quite a long time to break through his defenses. They had endured a lot of ups and downs in their relationship, but lying here with his boyfriend in his arms, he knew that it was all worth it. Scott was worth everything.

“Are you ready for more, sweetie?” Scott whispered.

“Yeah,” Jamie responded, twisting in Scott’s arms so that he was on the bottom and Scott was on top. They were still facing each other, because Jamie liked to face Scott when they made love. They had tried other positions but enjoyed this the best, with Jamie on his back and Scott above him. Jamie brought his knees to his chest to give Scott better access and Scott reached for the nightstand where, sure enough, there was still some lube from before they had left. He poured it liberally on his hands and then touched Jamie.

Jamie gasped. His hands were so cold, but as they started stroking his opening they quickly caught fire and so did he, until he was moaning and ready for Scott to enter him. Scott chuckled and warned Jamie that he needed to prepare him properly to avoid injuring him. Jamie didn’t care, he just wanted Scott, but he allowed Scott to continue stroking his opening, gasping again as Scott slid one finger inside him, then another. When he felt he was stretched enough, he tossed his head.

“Please, Scott, now,” he said.

Scott seemed lost for words and could only nod. He rubbed himself several times and then positioned himself at Jamie’s entrance. There was the usual initial pain, followed by the pleasurable slide of Scott’s cock into Jamie’s body. Jamie cried out as Scott rubbed against his prostrate and the pleasure swamped his senses. Scott began thrusting immediately, as if he had been holding back for a long time. Jamie eased his body into a rhythm designed to catch each thrust and soon they were rocking together. The bed cushioned him beautifully and he luxuriated in the feeling of softness beneath him rather than the solid ground. It was so much better being in a bed. The ground had its unique pleasures, but nothing could compare to a bed.

When they made love outside on the ground, Scott had always seemed to hold back for fear of hurting Jamie, but now he wasn’t holding back at all and he and Jamie bounced on the bed, the hinges squealing but neither one of them caring. No one was nearby, and no one would care even if they heard. Sex was a welcome part of Tarragon society, especially for the Queen. Jamie cried out again and again, and then Scott shifted and suddenly their minds linked together.

Jamie became Scott and Scott became Jamie, and two became one. He thrust and received as one, penetrated and was penetrated together. They were united and Jamie could feel everything in Scott’s mind just as he knew Scott could feel everything in his. Pleasure was the dominant force in both of them, but while usually both of them used this strange telepathy to seek out new ways to increase each other’s pleasure, this time Jamie searched Scott’s mind for his worries. He wanted to know what problems might arise during the semester that Scott might not tell him about, but all he found was a face and a name: Derek.

Jamie winced and knew that Scott immediately picked up on his pain, though Scott didn’t seem to recognize the cause yet. Jamie forced Derek out of his mind and tried to focus on pleasure. It wasn’t hard to do with Scott inside of him, but Derek kept haunting him. Scott had made love to Derek, had seduced the boy and taken his virginity. What if Scott was thinking about Derek every time they made love? What if that was why Derek’s face was in Scott’s mind?

Scott could probably tell that he was losing Jamie’s attention because he grunted and thrust hard against Jamie’s prostrate. Jamie gasped and was immediately back in sync with Scott as Scott neared his completion. Scott thrust a few more times, then Jamie felt an explosion within him. Scott went limp above him, but the man took Jamie’s cock in his hand.

“Let me finish you,” he offered.

“No,” Jamie said, pulling away.

The connection between them snapped apart as Scott’s cock left his body. It was unusual that they didn’t come at least close to each other; normally they had good timing. And it was even more unusual that Jamie didn’t want to finish at all, but thoughts of Derek had put a damper on everything and he didn’t want to experience pleasure right now. He wanted to think.

“What’s wrong?” Scott asked.

Jamie rolled on his side. His cock was still hard, but rapidly loosing its rigidity as Jamie’s body reacted to its sudden loss of interest in sex.

“I just thought of all the problems we’re facing,” he said. It wasn’t a lie, exactly, but he didn’t want to bring up Derek specifically.

Scott spooned him and drew him close against his chest.

“I know, sweetie, but we’ll take care of them all. We’ll get through this together.”

Together, Jamie thought. Would Derek be in that together? Did Scott still have feelings for the boy? Why had Scott been thinking about Derek at all during sex? There were too many questions, and Jamie knew that the hardest part of going back to school might be the fact that Derek was going to be a student, and there would be no escaping him. No matter what he or Scott did, Derek would be in their lives and they would have to deal with him. Jamie didn’t know what had gone on between Scott and Derek besides the sex because he had never asked – been too scared to ask – but what if Derek had the power to rip Scott away from his side?

Jamie sighed and snuggled close to his boyfriend. Whatever threat Derek posed, he and Scott would get through it together, as Scott said. Until then, he just had to have confidence that Scott loved him despite his flaws, and that the love they had for each other couldn’t be faked. Jamie shut his eyes and tried to mentally steel himself for the first day of classes to follow.

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  1. Im in love with the hole mistery factor your adding i mean will it be derek and scott or jamie and scott I personally am a fan of derek and scott but whos to say who he will pick hopefully the next chapter is of scott and derek

  2. I hate that jamie was left unsatified .I want derek and scott together but also scott and jamie as well. I also want jamie and that devil Ashton. Well derek is on his way to tarragon,scott is thinking of derek,mike has become a secretive loner, ashton is licking his chops for jamie and,scott and jamie are planning a war. Oh Ho.

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