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Galaxy Information

The Galaxy is held together by Seven Galactic Nations who have agreed to obey the same basic laws regarding human rights. There are five major nations and two minor nations, and each nation has absolute autonomy within its borders provided it follows the Protocols of Gharza (known informally as the Galactic Code) that lay out essential human rights and protocols of war.

Physically, the galaxy is a six-armed spiral galaxy. The center of the galaxy is known as the Unclaimed Quadrant, as the systems are currently not part of the Seven Galactic Nations. All borders along the Unclaimed Quadrant are constantly shifting. Of the six arms, one is entirely devoid of habitable planets and considered dead.

Travel between systems is accomplished by using a complex series of gates built before and during the Galactic War. Only people born with a phoenix tattoo on the back of their necks are able to carry ships through the gates, and the darker the tattoo, the larger the size and number of ships they can carry. Nothing is known of how the gates work, and travel between gates is often dangerous.

The following descriptions are accurate as of 1665 GE.

Major Nations


The core of Wendigo was formed in 1620 GE, just after the end of the Galactic War, but the government wasn’t strong enough to be considered a major nation until 1640 GE. Wendigo is ruled by an absolute monarchy led by King Avar. He has one daughter, heiress to the throne, named Sabine. The royal family has been in power since the Galactic War. The military has recently acquired a mysterious Commander named Eve.

Wendigo logo

Wendigo shares borders with Mammon, Lohen, and Rasdir. Wendigo is constantly engaged in border disputes with Lohen and on generally good terms with Mammon. Rasdir is considered a close ally, with no plans to annex the minor nation.


Officially formed in 1642 GE, Lohen is ruled by three branches of government: King Alexander, who makes all executive decisions; the Council of Princes, who make and pass laws at a nation-wide level; and the military, who enforce all decisions and guard the nation. The military is led by Commander Treza. The King is an elected position and is chosen from the Council of Princes by a super majority. Alexander has held the throne since the founding of Lohen.

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Lohen shares borders with Wendigo and Kreutzer and is constantly engaged in border disputes with both nations. It shares an outer border with Elnor, the Silent Nation, but there are no reports on the relationship between Elnor and Lohen.


Kreutzer was formed in 1602 GE and is the oldest nation in the galaxy. It has remained unified since before the Galactic War. Kreutzer is ruled by two branches of government: King Edmond, who takes care of legislative and judicial concerns, and the military, led by Commander Bode, which protects Kreutzer and enforces laws. The throne is not passed to family members but to an heir chosen by the current ruler and has passed between several families since the founding of Kreutzer before the Galactic War.

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Kreutzer shares its border with Lohen and Calib and is constantly engaged in border disputes with both. Traditionally, however, Kreutzer does not interfere in galaxy-wide affairs.


Calib was founded in 1641 GE and is ruled by four branches of government: King Severn, who determines how laws are interpreted and applied; a House of Princes made up of one Prince from each system which creates laws; a House of Commons made up of one elected commoner from each planet which passes laws; and the military, led by Commander Ultia, which enforces local and nation-wide laws and protects the nation from attack. The throne is passed down within the ruling family and there is one heir to the throne, Prince Aaron.

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Calib shares its border with Kreutzer and the dead zone. It is constantly engaged in border disputes with Kreutzer and frequently encounters Mammon in the dead zone, but Mammon and Calib are generally on good terms.


Formed by 1610 GE, Mammon is ruled by an absolute monarchy under King Bertran. The military is commanded by Commander Krosil. King Bertran has ruled Mammon since his father, the previous King, was killed in the Galactic War and it is unknown how the throne will be passed on, since Bertran does not have any heirs. It is rumored that King Bertran is an alien, allowing him to live longer than humans, which explains his youthful appearance despite the length of time he has ruled Mammon. Others say that he took over Mammon’s throne as a child. The true details of his ascent to power and his age are unknown outside of the royal palace.

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Mammon shares a border with the dead zone and with Wendigo. It is on generally good terms with Wendigo and with Calib, the System on the other side of the dead zone, and is considered the most stable nation in the galaxy because it has no real enemies.

Minor Nations


Rasdir was founded before the Galactic War in 1604 GE and its borders have remained largely unchanged in the sixty years since. Although it used to be governed by a monarchy, a violent revolution in 1648 GE destroyed the government. Rasdie is now a loose organization of solar systems that are united in their refusal to join Wendigo. They are governed by a coalition of Princes from each of the systems and all major decisions must be approved by the entire coalition. Most affairs are dealt with locally, with no interference from the nation-wide government, and there is no nation-wide army.

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Rasdir shares its only border with Wendigo and is considered an ally of the larger System. Rasdir is one of the two minor Systems along with Elnor, but is still included among the Seven Galactic Nations.


Officially formed in 1644 GE, Elnor is ruled by a powerful group of smugglers led by self-proclaimed King Zachary. Very little is known about this nation and it is known as the Silent Nation because it is not in open communication with any other nation. There are no reports on whether or not Elnor maintains an army. Still, it is large enough to be considered one of the Seven Galactic Nations.

Elnor logo

Elnor shares its only border with Lohen and there are no reports on the relationship between Elnor and Lohen.

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