Tarragon World

Chapter 3: Submission

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Mike hesitated outside Carys’s door and wondered briefly if he should go to the Elder instead. He knew the Elder could give him what he needed, but there was Derek. Derek just wouldn’t allow it. So here he was, hoping Carys could give him something he couldn’t even express. Kissing Scott had been like lightning, but seeing Jamie had reminded him too strongly of Ashton and the combination of lust and longing for his former master had brought him here. He glanced at the door, trying to gather the courage to knock, when it opened. Carys stood in the doorway looking amused.

“Come in, Mike,” he said, extending his hand. “You know you’re invited.”

Carys took his hand and pulled him in without giving him a chance to refuse. Maybe he did know what Mike needed. As the door closed, he pinned Mike and kissed him. Mike grabbed his arms and nearly tried to resist, but Carys wouldn’t let him. Carys’s knee slid against his groin as Carys took one of his wrists and forced it over his head. His tongue was dominating Mike’s mouth and giving him no chance of air except when he allowed it. Mike resisted a few more moments, then gave in. This was what he needed, after all.

As soon as Carys felt his resistance fade, he let go of Mike’s hand. He began kissing along his jawbone and unbuttoning his shirt. Mike knew better than to help. Instead, he leaned his head against the door and luxuriated in the sensations his body was experiencing. As soon as his shirt was unbuttoned, Carys pulled him off the door into his arms and Mike went willingly. Carys led him into the bedroom and pointed to the bed. The familiar gesture was almost too much and before he obeyed, he kissed Carys’s cheek.

He stripped as he went to the bed as Ashton always liked, then sat and watched Carys strip. Carys was extremely handsome and while no one could compete with Ashton, he was very impressive. Mike felt a familiar thrill run through him. He wanted Carys. He remembered how Ashton had taken him once before punishing him and he knew he wanted that. As Carys approached, he rolled unto his belly and reached out to Carys, who looked a little puzzled. When Mike took Carys’s hand and placed it on his head, giving him control, Carys seemed to understand. Carys drew closer, his cock brushing against Mike’s lips. Mike wanted to be ordered, but didn’t know how to tell Carys. Luckily, he didn’t have to.

“Open your mouth, Mike,” he said, pulling Mike’s head back to give him better leverage. Mike obeyed and relaxed at the same time. Carys tapped his penis against Mike’s lips teasingly before sliding in, taking his time as he slowly entered Mike’s throat.

Mike swirled his tongue against the cock filling his mouth. Carys thrust in and out gently, without fully entering him. Mike was eager to feel him deep in his throat, but Carys was clearly teasing him, enjoying Mike’s tongue. Ashton sometimes teased him, but more frequently dominated him with force. Mike had always loved it when Ashton teased him, though.

Carys continued for long minutes, then tightened his grip on Mike’s hair and, in one smooth motion, slid completely into his throat. Mike nearly gagged because it had been so long since he had taken anyone in his throat, but he knew better than to react with anything but pleasure or risk punishment. And it was pleasure. Mike relaxed further into Carys’ hand, letting him take total control over his body.

His cock was pressed against the mattress but he was incredibly hard and hitched his hips to get friction. Carys pulled out suddenly, then helped Mike onto his hands and knees and got behind him. Mike kept his eyes closed and smiled as he felt Carys pressing against his opening. Carys stroked his back, then pushed into him. Mike arched his back and gasped at the painful pleasure of being breached.

Carys begin thrusting against him hard and Mike’s body rocked with the force as he gasped in time with the thrusts. The other man stroked his back again, then reached his other hand along Mike’s side, drifting down and inward until he gripped Mike’s cock. Carys’ other hand stroked up Mike’s back to grip his neck firmly.

Completely at Carys’ mercy, Mike allowed the other man to stroke him and control him until he felt that he would burst. But he knew he wasn’t allowed to cum yet, and he moaned.

“Please,” Mike whispered.

“Almost,” Carys said, tugging him ruthlessly.

Mike moaned again and struggled to contain the pleasure spiking through him, sparked by Carys’ hand on his neck, the hand on his cock, and the powerful thrust of a penis deep inside of him. Carys twisted and struck his prostrate as Mike stifled a scream. Carys leaned over him, thrusting unevenly and increasing in speed.

“With me,” Carys managed to say, and Mike whimpered.

Carys thrust against his prostrate again, and then exploded into him just as Mike lost control. An orgasm overwhelmed his senses, wiping through his mind and erasing everything except pleasure. He arched his back and pressed against Carys, seeking every last bit of the experience. After a long, blissful moment, his body relaxed and it felt as if every bit of strength he had vanished. He slumped on the bed, resting his head on his arms with his ass still angled up as Carys leaned over him.

With a light push, Carys knocked him to one side and he rolled obediently. He was spent, and wasn’t sure how much more he needed. Being dominated like that was everything he wanted. Should he let Carys continue? He wasn’t sure. He stretched out as Carys lay beside him, head next to his. Carys kissed his cheek and wrapped an arm around his shoulders, but didn’t make any especially aggressive moves.

“Thank you,” Mike said softly. It was both sincere thanks and also an indication to Carys that he was satisfied. Carys grinned and squeezed his shoulder.

“You’re a pleasure,” Carys said in a velvet voice. “I hope you feel this urge more often. I’ll always be here for you.”

Mike reached out and ran his hand across Carys’ cheek, smiling.

“That was perfect,” he said, then looked away. “I miss him so much.”

Carys pulled him closer, cradling him. Mike felt a sudden urge to cry, though Ashton didn’t deserve any tears. Ashton had manipulated and abused him, tortured him, killed his lover, and been about to kill Mike and – even worse – Mike’s dragon. He deserved nothing. But even after all this time, the longing was still there. He cuddled against Carys, remembering how it felt when Ashton held him like this, back when he still trusted Ashton. He would give anything for that innocence again.

“I don’t know what it’s like for you,” Carys admitted. “I know what it was like for me, for the others, to move from pet to council member. But he was always there if we needed him. Our relationship ended after the mountain sacrifice, after we were freed from our collar, but he never completely left us.”

Mike shut his eyes against the prickling that he knew meant tears. How would things have worked out if Ashton were alive? But no. Too much had happened. From the moment Kale entered his life, things with Ashton were doomed. And when Ashton kidnapped Jamie, when it was revealed that Ashton killed dragons and ate their flesh, it was far too late. Ashton deserved death for what he had done and while Mike missed him, he would never undo the man’s death even in his thoughts.

Carys held him for several long moments, then brushed the hair off his forehead.

“Why did you betray Ashton?” he asked softly. “I’ve always wondered. You had reason; we all know what he did to you. But why did you wait to act when you did?”

Mike flushed, remembering the jealous rage that had pushed him past his tipping point. He had put up with the abuse and torture. But he hadn’t been able to stand the thought of Ashton with someone else.

“Ashton was sleeping with Jamie,” Mike whispered. “And that night, I knew he was going to send Jamie into the mating flight so he could win uncontested. He had the poison ready and Jamie didn’t stand a chance. I couldn’t let it happen. I couldn’t let Ashton be with someone else again.”

Carys seemed puzzled. “Are you sure he was sleeping with Jamie?”

“Well, not spending the night with him, if that’s what you’re asking,” Mike amended. Ashton had always let Mike share his bed. “But he had to be doing something.”

“I don’t think he was,” Carys said slowly. “We all assumed he had been having sex with Jamie. Despite having you,” Carys said, kissing Mike’s forehead. “None of us approved, since you should have been his only partner while you were his pet. But Ashton wanted the mating flight.”

“Why wouldn’t he have slept with Jamie?” Mike asked, confused. Carys had just listed reasons why Ashton would be sleeping with Jamie, but was claiming that Ashton hadn’t.

“Before Jamie killed Ashton, Ashton mentioned their time together. The pleasure he gave Jamie,” Carys said.

“Exactly,” Mike said. He had been shell-shocked at the time, but those words had shaken him once he was strong enough to process them. Ashton had given Jamie pleasure, and Jamie’s reaction had proved that it was true.

“He wouldn’t have said that if they were fucking,” Carys said. “I don’t know what he would have said, but he wouldn’t have said that. He probably wouldn’t have mentioned it at all. It was a bad strategy bringing it up anyway, but if they had actually had sex, I don’t think it would have occurred to him to try to use it to save his life. The other council members who were there agree. Something happened between them, obviously, but they never had sex.”

Mike considered Carys’ reasoning. He had never thought of that before. It had been a terrible strategy, reminding Jamie of their intimacy in an attempt to convince Jamie to spare his life. Anyone who knew Jamie knew that Jamie would be upset and ashamed at physical contact with anyone other than Scott. Most people in Tarragon society were fairly free with their affection, especially those partnered with female dragons since mating flights were rarely won by the same dragon, but Jamie was strictly monogamous. Even his fling with TK was mostly nonphysical, Mike knew from his conversations with TK.

But Carys was right. Ashton knew all of that. If Ashton had actually managed to seduce Jamie and have sex with him, he never would have brought that up. And if it had happened and he did bring it up, Jamie would have killed him a lot faster. But the way Ashton had phrased it and the way Jamie had been shaken but not devastated indicated that whatever had happened between them, it wasn’t sex.

That meant that Mike was wrong for betraying Ashton, he realized. He had turned against Ashton when the man took Jamie hostage and Mike believed that they were having sex, and the thought of the mating flight had pushed him over the edge into attacking Ashton. But if none of that were true, then he shouldn’t have turned against Ashton. He should have remained loyal, as Ashton was loyal to him.

No, Mike told himself. He was right to turn against Ashton. Maybe his reasoning was false, but it was the right thing to do. There were no other options.

“I think you’re right,” Mike admitted. “I never thought of that before. I let my emotions get in the way. When I rescued him, and in the days after that before Ashton’s death, he didn’t act the way he would have acted if there actually was something between them. I just didn’t notice.”

“You know him better than most,” Carys said. “And you know Scott. Are they safe on this campus with the Elder here? They might be safer than in Portland, but there are other places they could hide. Derek’s here, TK’s here, and the Elder can easily manipulate that to his advantage.”

A flash of relief washed over Mike at the concern in Carys’ voice. Carys, like many of the council members here, had been loyal to Ashton right until the end. Jamie could sense his loyalties and had decided to let Carys and the others remain on the council and even come to a campus outside of his direct control, but Mike knew he still had serious concerns about their loyalty. This concern, however, indicated that Carys was fully loyal to Jamie, and Scott as well. He accepted their role as first Queen and first Queen’s mate. And he wasn’t loyal to the Elder, another serious concern that Mike and Jamie shared about the Ashton loyalists in Spokane.

“Jamie’s capable of holding his own, for the most part,” Mike said slowly. “But he’s young. He’s not going to make the same mistakes twice, so I don’t think the Elder will be able to manipulate him the way Ashton did, but the Elder has centuries of practice manipulating young men.”

“Is he safe here?”

Mike pondered, unable to answer. He didn’t know why Jamie and Scott had left, or who had attacked Scott. They were undoubtedly safer here than in Portland, or else they wouldn’t be here, but were they safe? Could they protect themselves?

“I’m not going to let anything happen to them,” Mike vowed. “No matter what it takes.”

Carys was silent for a moment, then kissed Mike’s cheek again. “If they need protection, they have it. The council will protect both of them even if it harms our Queen’s mate.”

Mike shut his eyes and relaxed fully into Carys’ arms. The blissful buzz of sex was gone, but the comfort of Carys’ arms was just as necessary. His affair with TK was pleasurable, but Mike preferred to be in charge and didn’t let TK cradle him like this. Only Carys would be allowed to hold him. He nestled against the man’s chest and took a deep breath. He felt safe, for the first time in a long time.

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