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m/m urban fantasy

In this chapter, Scott tries to help Derek deal with his mother and is helped in this effort by Jamie and Ethan. But even more important than Derek’s mother is the threat posed by the Elder, and with Derek distracted there’s no way to figure out if Jamie and Scott are in imminent danger or not. Will Derek’s distraction put them at risk, or will Jamie and Scott manage to learn what the real threat is despite the presence of Derek’s mother?

The Tarragon Series is a yaoi fantasy series about two young men struggling to find their place in a world where ancient ritual and modern technology collide and dragons have been spotted in the shadows of the mountain behind the football field.

In Tarragon World, Jamie and Scott are on the run from a deadly threat, but their only safety lies with the Elder and their enemies. As they struggle to unite the two campuses against the new threat, they worry that accepting the Elder’s help will lead to further death after the current threat is destroyed. All across the world, Tarragon society seems to be headed into civil war and risks exposure to the outside world. Will Jamie and Scott maintain control, or will the endless chaos finally topple their society and create a new world order?

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m/f m/m space opera

Eternal War continues the stories of Damien, Sabine, Mat, and Adrian as they separate to return to their home nations and return to their status of enemies. But given the events they have experienced, can they ever truly consider each other enemies again?

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