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m/m m/f space opera

An unexpected attack while Damien and Mat are in the Unclaimed Quadrant leads to a military clash. When the enemy is revealed to be Sabine, both men face potentially deadly choices: can Mat fight against his fiancee, and will Damien be able to lead Mat’s troops to victory? As Sabine’s trap snaps shut around them, their choices will have implications that change both of their lives.

Eternal War: Book Three of the Eternity Series

Set in a complex and sprawling universe, the Eternity Series follows several key military and political leaders as they navigate the Second Galactic War from its accidental beginning to the stunning conclusion that will radically alter life throughout the galaxy.

In Eternal War, the four allies return to their home nations and return to their status of enemies. As Sabine moves away from the others and becomes obsessed with reestablishing her own nation, Damien becomes isolated in Lohen and faces increasing difficulties in his home nation. Only Mat and Adrian seem to be able to straddle the line between friend and enemy as they struggle to keep Sabine and Damien from drifting too far apart. But will they be able to keep Damien and Sabine from worsening the Second Galactic War?

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m/m urban fantasy

After a troubled youth, Luke has come to terms with his role as the dragon tamer of his clan. But when a rival clan kidnaps him, Luke learns that he has been misled about his life and his purpose. Will he adapt to his new reality, or will he return to the safety of the past?

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