For all of you waiting for Tarragon Shadows, it’s here! Tarragon Desires, the fifth book, is still being written and will be published at a future date. There have been two major updates this past week!

February 1st Updates

Seeking More (a collection of short stories) has been published on Amazon! This collection is available for $2.99 and everyone is encouraged to leave comments. This collection features a wide variety of stories, from realistic to fantastic, from college students to vampire hunters. All feature strong character development in addition to hot action. You can also read one of these stories for free on

February 3rd Updates

Tarragon Shadows (Book 4 of the Tarragon Series) has been published on Amazon! The novel is for sale for $.99 and everyone is encouraged to leave comments. This novels introduces a second campus and a new villain, and the stakes are increased as Derek’s loyalties and desires take center stage. Make sure to read Tarragon Academy, Tarragon Dreams, and Tarragon War first!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!


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