Sunday, August 19th

m/m yaoi urban fantasy
m/m urban fantasy

In this chapter, Taylor tries to find some time alone when a summons from Callan brings him in a confrontation between the succubus and Gabriel. A shocking revelation about Gabriel’s past shatters Taylor’s trust in the demon and even though Callan’s motives in bringing up the incident are unclear, Taylor’s feelings for Gabriel shift dramatically. Will Gabriel be able to reclaim Taylor’s love, or are Taylor’s fears true and Gabriel is only interested in him as a food source?

Taylor just wanted to bond with an ordinary demon during his first demon season, but he ends up with the Prince of Demons: an incubus. But his dark past slows his initial bonding with his demon and dangers from the demon’s past threaten their safety in the present. Will their love succeed, or will the demon hunters and shadowed memories prevail?

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A Vampire's Desire
m/m urban fantasy

As a young man begins work for an ancient vampire house, he discovers that vampires aren’t just fearsome, they’re quite attractive… especially his new master. Will he survive the centuries-old conflict he has fallen into, and will his master ever return his love?

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