Tuesday, August 21st

In this chapter, Kairos begins working for House Elviore and finds himself translating letters with mysterious meanings that indicate the house is involved in something dangerous. When Adze shows up to answer his questions, Kairos is asked to translate a special message that appears to be stolen. What exactly does House Elviore do, and is the danger to Kairos greater than his desire to stay at the handsome vampire’s side?

As a young man begins work for an ancient vampire house, he discovers that vampires aren’t just fearsome, they’re quite attractive… especially his new master. Will he survive the centuries-old conflict he has fallen into, and will his master ever return his love?

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romance space opera
m/f m/m space opera

Eternal War continues the stories of Damien, Sabine, Mat, and Adrian as they separate to return to their home nations and return to their status of enemies. But given the events they have experienced, can they ever truly consider each other enemies again?

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