Vampire Hunter

Charles was a vampire hunter. He’d built his whole life around it. True, he was only nineteen, so he didn’t have much experience, but he had enough. He kept his trusty rifle with him at all times, because you never could tell when a vampire would appear, even in a wealthy city like Nalopi.

As he walked through the crowded streets, he began to feel a familiar sensation on the back of his neck. He was being watched, and not by a human. There was a vampire nearby. He casually paused and let the rest of the crowd stream by. The feeling of being watched remained, so the vampire must have stopped as well. He let his gaze travel across the crowd but no one was stopped except the vendors.

There! One of the vendors. It was rare to see a vendor as a vampire because surely they would have to be out during the day, but the sun had set now and it was an ideal time for vampires to hunt. The vendor was hawking clothing and offering to let people into his tent to try the clothing on, and no doubt steal their blood while he was at it.

Fiery rage filled Charles that innocents were being taken advantage of like that and he tightened his grip on his rifle. He was about to head over to the vampire and take care of things when a tall, blonde man got between them and blocked his view. He was about to shout for the man to move when without warning, the tall man punched the vampire and knocked him out cold. Charles was stunned. It was exactly what he had been planning on doing. Knock him out, lock him up, and then let the authorities expose him to the sunlight in the morning.

The tall man was already calling to the authorities and the officers were reluctantly dragging the unconscious body away when Charles finally approached. He eyed the tall form. He knew many of the vampire hunters in the region and this wasn’t one of them. He must be from somewhere else, which didn’t surprise him given the man’s pale complexion and blonde hair, both rarities in this country. He must be from a neighboring country. Charles had heard of tall blonde warriors from elsewhere, but he had never seen one before.

His stomach flipped as he drew near, but not from fear. It was from a different feeling, one he was completely unused to. The man was so beautiful it was making him nervous and putting him on edge. He had always been attracted to men before but he had never expressed his interest because he was the only son and his parents pressured him constantly to find a wife and start a family, and carry on the family name, which would die without him. But he wanted more. He wanted passion and excitement and romance, and he knew in his heart of hearts that for him, those things couldn’t be found in a woman.

The blonde turned to look at him as he drew near, probably because he was moving forward and everyone else in the crowd was rushing away from the scene. The blonde took in his rifle and the symbol of the wooden stake on his shoulder and smiled. He didn’t wear a similar symbol on his shoulder, but Charles knew that only the people of this country wore that mark, not the other countries. He was definitely a foreigner.

“Have I done your job for you, stranger?” the blonde asked in a voice as sweet as honey and as deep as the ocean.

Charles melted a bit just from the sound of his voice, but forced himself to stay strong. But oh, how he wanted to shake off his parents’ words and be with this man.

“Not at all, it’s nice to have help,” Charles replied.

The blonde continued smiling, examining him from head to toe, then extended his hand.

“I’m Elan. Pleased to meet you.”

A foreign name, but a beautiful one that fit this man perfectly. Charles swallowed and blushed.

“I’m Charles. The pleasure is mine.”

He meant those words more than he ever had, and as Elan’s eyes sparkled he suspected that Elan knew it.

“Are there many vampire hunters in this town, Charles?” Elan asked, his voice caressing Charles’ name.

“Just me,” Charles said, swelling his chest because he knew how impressive it was for someone so young to control a whole city. He wondered how old Elan was. Older than him, but not by too much. Maybe six or seven years. He had always fantasized about slightly older men who could teach him about love.

“You do a good job,” Elan said.

They chatted about vampire hunter concerns for a while, and soon Elan mentioned that he would be staying in a tent in the woods because he needed to make his funds last until he reached the capital. Charles slashed his hand through the air.

“That’s nonsense. Come to my house and stay with me.”

“Are you sure?” Elan asked, a warm glow filling his eyes.

Charles gulped, realizing that he might be offering more than shelter with his offer. But maybe he wanted to offer more. After all, this man was truly beautiful and made his heart beat in ways it had never done before. He was an adult now, not under his parent’s control, and maybe it was time to flex his freedom and be with someone he wanted to be with for once. If Elan wanted him, of course. And if Elan didn’t, then at least he would be giving shelter to a fellow vampire hunter and get a chance to watch the handsome man longer.

“I’m sure,” Charles said, hiding the wobble in his voice skillfully.

He had been on his nightly patrol and he had to finish that first, but Elan offered to accompany him. They strolled around town and Charles told him the stories of ancient, powerful vampires that used to roam the streets of Napoli when his grandparents were alive. The truly ancient vampires had withered away from lack of nourishment or been killed, Charles explained, and now it was just a matter of killing their children until no vampires remained to spread the curse. Elan seemed amused.

“I wouldn’t be too sure that the ancients are gone,” he said. “Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they’re dead. Where I come from, the ancients have learned to exist without being noticed.”

Charles gazed up at him. “Then how do you do your job if you can’t identify them?”

“Oh, the lesser vampires are still easy to tell,” he said. “But you can never count the ancients out.”

Charles shivered. He had grown up on tales of the ancients and what they could do, what they had done, to the people of Napoli. Mass murders, blood slavery, the near extinction of the town, it had been a nightmare before the vampire hunters came and rescued the people from vampiric clutches. He would never let that happen in his lifetime.

They reached Charles’ house and Elan lingered at the door.

“Are you sure this is all right with you?” he asked from just outside.

“Yes, of course. Please come in.”

Elan entered and looked around. It was a sparse apartment over the bakery, but it was clean and had a couch that could double as a bed. Charles gestured for Elan to place his things by the couch and have a seat, then he sat beside him on the couch, since there was no other seating. Charles felt awkward sitting next to the man, but it was titillating as well being so close to him. As Elan gazed down at him, he wondered if Elan was having similar feelings. Then Elan placed his soft hand on Charles’ shoulder.

“Thank you for the room tonight,” he murmured, lowering his head so that it was level with Charles’.

“No problem,” Charles stuttered, his heart doing backflips into his stomach.

Elan let his hand trace up from Charles’ shoulder along his neck to cradle his cheek and Charles drew in a sharp breath. There was no question now that Elan had feelings for him. This was a truly intimate position and he needed to respond somehow.

If he were a good son, he would leap up and maybe laugh it off and go into his room and lock the door. That would make his parents proud. But what about what he wanted? He had always done what his parents wanted, and never what he wanted. And right now he wanted Elan. So he stayed still and let Elan stroke his cheek with his thumb. Elan smiled seductively and Charles melted.

“I rarely meet vampire hunters as beautiful as you,” he said. “And so young to be controlling such a large area. You must be quite talented.”

“Thank you,” Charles said, his mind spinning to the point where words were almost beyond him. He knew it wasn’t the right answer to give but at least it wasn’t the wrong answer. He wanted to say that he’d never met anyone like Elan before, so beautiful and handsome and sexy and a vampire hunter, too. But the words stuck to the top of his throat and his mouth was dry as a desert.

Elan leaned closer to him.

“Our kind needs to stay together, don’t you think?” he asked, still stroking Charles’ cheek in that enticing, arousing way.

Charles nodded mutely, words completely gone now. He wanted this moment to last forever. Surely it couldn’t get better than this, having an attractive man cradling him and leaning closer as if for a kiss. With his luck, something terrible was about to happen that would ruin the moment and break the spell that seemed to lay thick throughout the room.

Elan tilted his head and their lips met. Charles’ eyes went wide and he nearly pulled away in surprise, but Elan’s hand on his cheek held him in place until he adapted to the feel of masculine lips on his and he dissolved into the experience. He let Elan’s tongue trace the contours of his lips, and when Elan’s tongue pressed against his closed lips as if seeking access, he gave it. He shut his eyes involuntarily as Elan began stroking their tongues together, darting in and out of his mouth in a way that made Charles’ already unsteady heart feel as if it might explode.

He was getting hard as well, embarrassing as that was, and knew that Elan would be able to tell as soon as they stopped kissing. He fisted his hand in his groin to try to stop his erection but the pressure just made it worse. Then one of Elan’s hands covered his and started reaching below his hand towards his cock. Charles backed out of the kiss and leaned away.

“Wait,” he said. “Wait.”

Elan let him retreat and waited with a patient smile.

“This is your first time, isn’t it?” Elan asked.

Charles knew his cheeks were blood red; he could feel the heat rushing into them. But it was true, and he nodded. He had never been interested in women and so never slept with one of them, and he had never dared sleep with a man because of his parents. But, as he kept reminding himself, he was a man now and shouldn’t do everything his parents expected of him. He could do what he wanted now. And boy did he want this.

“Let’s go to the bed,” Elan suggested. “I want you to be comfortable.”

Charles nodded, then blushed further. He had just agreed to have sex. Well, technically he had just agreed to go to the bed, but they both knew why they were going to the bed. He was going to have sex with a stranger, someone he had met just an hour or two before. Surely love didn’t work like that, but he felt a deep connection to Elan already. Was it lust, or love? How would he know the difference if he’d never experienced either of those things before? He could still back out of this, he knew, but he didn’t want to. He wanted this just as much as he suspected Elan did. No, he decided as he straightened his shoulders and walked into the bedroom. He was going to do this and enjoy every minute of it. And if was just a one night stand, so be it.

Elan followed him into the sparse bedroom. He shut the door and closed the curtain on the window while Charles lit the candles on the wall. The candles lent a romantic atmosphere to the room and Elan came up behind Charles and cradled him in his arms. They swayed together for what seemed like an eternity, then Charles turned in Elan’s arms so they were facing each other. Elan kissed him. Once again, the world seemed to fade away in the face of such passion and Charles felt himself growing weaker. To his surprise, Elan scooped him up in his arms and carried Charles to the bed. Elan was incredibly strong and it was quite the turn on.

Once in bed, Elan started peeling back layers of clothing from Charles, who shifted around to help with the removal. He felt incredibly vulnerable when he was undressed and naked before the fully clothed Elan, but he knew it wouldn’t last as Elan started pulling off his shirt to reveal a pale swath of hairless skin. Charles let out a breath of awe at how beautifully muscled Elan was and Elan grinned and flexed. Charles reached out to trace his hand down Elan’s chest and Elan drew closer. A soft trail of hair started at his belly button and Charles traced it downward to the edge of his pants, then looked up at Elan.

Charles was already naked and quickly growing hard, but Elan was still half-dressed. Elan’s lips twitched and he reached down to the edge of his pants as well, then slowly slid them off to reveal a burgeoning mass. Charles let out another sigh as Elan’s cock was exposed and the man took his pants off fully. Now they were both completely naked. He wanted to touch Elan but Elan stood up and went to blow out the candles. They were plunged into near-darkness. Charles blinked at the sudden change in lighting but then two hands were on his shoulders, pushing him backwards. He went without a struggle.

Now flat on his back, he could make out the shadow of Elan above him but couldn’t see any of his features. Still, he could imagine how beautiful Elan looked and he felt a lot safer with the lights out, he had to admit. It was like a swaddling of privacy that protected him from the reality of what they were doing. Elan kissed him then and the world began to spin again. Elan’s hand traveled over his body, marking him, claiming him, but when he tried to do the same to Elan, Elan took his wrists and held them over his head firmly as if to indicate that Charles should keep them there.

“You don’t have to do anything,” he murmured. “Let me take charge.”

Charles was more than happy to do so and so he lay with his arms over his head and his wrists crossed, his entire body open and vulnerable to Elan’s passion. And Elan knew exactly what he was doing. Elan’s mouth slid from Charles’ mouth down his throat, lingering along the side of his throat in an incredibly erotic way, and then down to his collarbone, and then to his right nipple. Charles let out a cry of surprise as Elan nipped it slightly, then ran his tongue in tight circles around it. The combination of pain and pleasure was a pleasant surprise, like nothing he had felt before. While Elan focused on one nipple, his hand was busy with his other nipple and Charles squirmed and felt himself growing harder and harder. He didn’t want to cum so early but Elan was setting him on fire!

Then the mouth drew to the center of his chest and began nuzzling its way down and Charles drew in another sharp breath as he realized what Elan was preparing to do. He had always fantasized about having another man take his cock in his mouth but he had never expected it to happen. But as Elan reached his cock, he knew it was inevitable and he ached to feel it.

Elan kissed the tip of his cock first, then stroked his hand up and down its length. Then his tongue circled the tip and Charles let out a moan. It felt incredibly good. He was barely through that sensation when Elan slid his entire cock into his mouth and Charles nearly screamed, instead letting out a muffled shout. The sensation was beyond incredible. It felt like his entire cock were being squeezed by a hot chalice that molded itself to him and massaged him as it thrust him downwards into even more pleasure. His hands fisted the sheets and he bit his lip, not wanting to scream or shout again even though he had never felt anything like this in his entire life.

One of Elan’s hands cradled his balls and played with them gently while his mouth continued to dive off and on his cock and Charles moaned and turned his head into the pillow, biting the soft material to keep the sounds back. His hips bucked against Elan, who took everything in stride and seemed to expect all of Charles’ reactions. His timing was flawless as he rode Charles with his mouth and massaged him with his hands, and soon Charles shut his eyes tight and tried to resist the mammoth sensation building at the base of his cock. But he couldn’t resist for long.

With a near-scream, he felt himself releasing as Elan caught his orgasm in his mouth, swallowing his cum as Charles nearly blacked out from pleasure. Even if the room hadn’t been nearly pitch black Charles wouldn’t have been able to see, the stars dancing around his vision were too great. For long, long seconds his body was tense and his cock spewed forth his pleasure, and then he went limp. Utterly, pleasantly limp and languid as he relaxed and felt calmer than he ever had in his entire life.

Elan wrapped his arm around Charles and twisted them so that they were spooning, then kissed his neck.

“You’re going to be my virgin,” he whispered. “Forever.”

Charles was too stunned and pleasured to think straight, but he frowned and turned to Elan.

“What do you mean?”

Just as the words left his mouth, something sharp pricked his neck, right over the vein. It didn’t hurt, it was more a suckling sensation and at first Charles relaxed into the sensation because he thought Elan was trying to leave a mark on his lover to claim Charles as his. But in just a few seconds, he started to grow weak and his blood started thumping heavily in his veins. Something was wrong. He tried to push away from Elan but found he didn’t have the strength, his weak protests not having the slightest impact on the stronger, older man.

“Wait,” he whispered. “What are you doing?”

But there was no response. Instead, stars began to fill his eyes again but this time they weren’t accompanied by pleasure, they were accompanied by pain. His body felt thirsty, as if all of his fluid were being drained from him into the sharp pricks on his neck. His neck began to burn and in an instant the burn began to spread. Charles whined and shifted uncomfortably as the burn reached through his chest and head and descended to his arms and legs. But as the burn passed, a cool sensation was left and the pain vanished. The sharp pricks on his neck were gone and to his surprise, he found he could see the room clearly, as clearly as if the candles had been lit. He turned to Elan in shock.

“What happened?”

Elan grinned.

“Welcome to the night, little hunter. You will be an excellent addition to my clan.”

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