-Important Announcement-
The News

Thrall of Darkness is about to undergo major renovations after two-and-a-half years and twenty-seven novels, novellas, short stories, and games. I want to thank all of you for being a wonderful audience and helping me create the kinds of stories that rarely find their way into the world, and I know that in the future we will continue to do so.

The Future

I will be pursuing the goal of publishing all of the stories on Thrall of Darkness in eBooks on Amazon so that they are available to all of you in a different format. This step requires the halt of new chapters being published while I work through the details and rearrange the website. Although I am leaving several stories unfinished, I do plan on finishing them and publishing them as well. I will not leave the Tarragon series unfinished.

The Details

If you are a monthly or quarterly member of Thrall of Darkness, your last payment will be refunded in full over the next few days. For annual members, you will receive a partial refund. You all will still have access to the entire site until the remodeling begins in a couple of days.

Thank You

You and your support have allowed me to live out my dream in a way I never could have imagined and I am grateful to have been able to write for you. Thank you so much for reading and commenting and making my life happier. I look forward to finishing and publishing the stories for you in a new format and I hope you enjoy the new site when it is ready.


Your Thoughts

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