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The Tarragon Series is a yaoi fantasy series about two young men struggling to find their place in a world where ancient ritual and modern technology collide and dragons have been spotted in the shadows of the mountain behind the football field.

Warning: Minor Spoilers

Jamie Wendell

Jamie’s mother died when he was very young and he was extremely close to his father. His father died under mysterious circumstances when Jamie was 13 years old. Jamie went to live with his aunt and her two young children, but he was essentially neglected and left to his own devices. He became a loner, frightened of growing close to everyone because everyone he loved seemed to die. He is partnered with Marisol, the first Queen dragon in decades, and he is able to speak to all dragons and, with difficulty, their partners.

Scott Walker

Scott survived the first-year exam after being taken advantage of by his boyfriend, Mike, and is partnered with Narné, a large green dragon. Scott is a member of the Tarragon tribe but like all children, he was not told about dragons or any of the tribe’s secrets until the first-year exam. Scott was a child actor and starred in commercials and one popular show, but he gave up acting after his parents died when he was a young teen. Since his family was part of Tarragon society, he was raised communally after their deaths and has a large extended family.

Derek Ashton

Derek Ashton is one of Peter Ashton’s sons, but he and his mother lived in Spokane, far from Ashton, so Derek never had a father in his life. The lack of a father always haunted Derek and he would do anything to get his father back in his life. When he is accepted into Tarragon Academy, he finally sees a way to impress his father and earn his father’s friendship and love. He is headstrong and confident, and prides himself on being Ashton’s son. After meeting Scott, he is determined to win Scott’s heart and body for himself, regardless of the consequences. He is partnered with Jettie, the second Queen.

Mike Ferrin

Mike grew up in Texas and never would have imagined living in the Pacific Northwest, but his parents brought him to Portland right before his senior year in high school. After his first love turned to disaster, Mike began taking out his anger on others and quickly realized the pleasure that could be had while dominating other men. When he graduated from Tarragon Academy, his ruthless willingness to seduce by any means made him an ideal candidate for the council and he was rewarded with a teaching position. His dragon partner, Eraxes, has a gentler nature that complements him well.

Peter Ashton

Peter Ashton, known simply as Ashton, is the head of the Tarragon Council, a shadowy group that controls not only Tarragon Academy but much of the world as well. He and his dragon Arion jointly control all graduates of the Academy and ensure that its graduates are carefully placed around the world to maintain his control of world events. Arion’s ability is to sever the link between human and dragon either temporarily or permanently, making him a greatly feared dragon on campus.

Kale Terrance

Kale is a graduate of Tarragon Academy who was one of Ashton’s favorites for a long time. Although Ashton intended on keeping Kale on the campus, Kale managed to escape and find a job as a bodyguard of the President of the United States. Despite his attempts to remain free of Ashton, he still finds himself under the man’s control as he works closely with the President and slowly becomes a trusted member of the administration. When the queen dragon appears, however, he finally sees a chance to take Ashton out of power and he joins forces with the underground rebellion as he tries to persuade Jamie to join them.

Margot Sangrin

Margot is the head of the women’s campus at Tarragon Academy and the current co-head of the Tarragon council. She has vowed to help eliminate the corruption that Ashton instituted during his reign, but the exact steps she is taking to accomplish that goal are unclear. Her blue dragon Yasmina is widely feared throughout Tarragon society for her ability to steal memories, though she can only steal the memories of people who are not partnered to a dragon.

The Elder

The Elder is a mysterious man who has lived inside Mount Tarragon for at least a century and ruled Tarragon society for three centuries prior to that. He believes in the old ways that Ashton embodied and was the one who taught Ashton everything he knew. His green dragon is Nieve, whose gift is immortality. But immortality does not bring youth, and the Elder is accustomed to drinking dragon blood for power and youth.

Alan Hart

Alan started as a hitman for Ashton and now finds himself bound to serve the Elder against his will. He was a very close friend of Jamie’s mother and feels a kinship with Jamie, but he despised Jamie’s father and was the one to kill him years ago. His blue dragon is Talon, whose gift is to confuse other dragons about his loyalties and intentions.

Chris Townsend

Chris began as one of Ashton’s most trusted council members, but he convinced Jamie of his loyalty to the new order. However, he seduces Derek in order to pursue Ashton’s vision for his son. He hopes to use Ashton’s son to revive the old ways and start a war against Jamie, but doesn’t intend on the strength of his love for Derek. His green dragon is Yaris, whose gift is to instantly transport himself anywhere within sight, including passing through objects.

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