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Chapter 2: Working Pleasure

It’s almost impossible to orchestrate a foursome and remain in control. Threesomes are almost as easy as couples, but once you reached four the group tends to split up and there are too many things going on at once to properly control the situation. I had been a participant in a foursome before, but only in training, never in the real world with people who weren’t also sagents. I was grateful that I didn’t have to be in charge and I thankfully left that to the other sagent, who looked quite comfortable leading the group even though she couldn’t have expected this.

The two women had stripped and Zada turned to us with a wicked smile.

“Your turn, boys. Give us a show. Both at once,” she added, as if she didn’t want the judge to get a good look at me until she was ready. He would be too busy stripping to really watch me undress and I was glad; it meant he would have to invite me back if he wanted to watch me peel off the kimono and slowly expose myself.

I tried to undress using all the tricks I knew, but the kimono kept giving me trouble. I couldn’t figure out how to untie the belt – the obi, I suddenly remembered it was called – and Zada laughed.

“You’ve never worn a kimono before, have you?”

I blushed and shook my head. Honesty was almost always the best policy and I knew that not everyone in the Drops wore this style of clothing.

The judge was already undressed and his wife was watching him with a smile on her face. I was willing to bet that he’d never stripped for her before in his life, but his eyes were only on me. He came over and pulled at the obi gently, easily untangling it.

“I bet with hair and skin like yours people pay to see you in the latest of Destiny’s fashions,” he whispered so no one could hear. I nodded; it was true. But the judge requested all of his escorts to dress traditionally so they would pass through his compound undetected by the press. His eyes were fixed on my body as he slowly pulled the layers of the kimono apart to reveal my bare body underneath. He let out a sigh, repeated by his wife, as the kimono slipped to the ground.

I knew my body was flawless and designed to appeal to both men and women, and it was all natural. Some sagents had to have surgery to attain perfect bodies and they had tiny scars across their abdomens and chests, but mine was completely clear and I knew they could tell. Everyone seemed to be able to tell by looking at me that I wore the body I was born with and had never been under the knife. I did have one scar on my right palm but I was extremely skilled at hiding it. I was muscular, but not enough to be threatening, just enough to show off my abs. And my cock, which held the wife’s attention, was a thick six inches, enough to appeal to any women I was seducing but not enough to threaten any men who thought they were seducing me. The judge’s eyes were on my ass, another one of my fine features that made me an ideal sagent and one of the reasons I serviced men as well as women.

When I was first recruited as a sagent I had thought that I would only be servicing women, since I was a man. But I was quickly disillusioned when my first handler, a man I despised with all of my heart, took me to bed himself to get me used to male contact. According to the rules handlers followed, a handler was not allowed to have sex with his sagent, but my first handler had broken most of the rules in my training and I had learned the hard way what it was like to be a sagent. He was also the one to inform me that because of my beauty I would never be promoted to a true agent, and would always be a sex agent, or a sagent as we called ourselves.

The judge reached out to squeeze my ass and murmured in delight at its firmness as I brought myself back to the present. Zada was the only one not impressed by my body; doubtless she had expected me to be beautiful and would have been shocked by anything less. She approached me and kissed me on the lips. I submitted fully, giving her complete control of the situation. I wanted her to know that I would follow her lead in this complex dance we were about to weave as long as she didn’t blow my cover. She seemed to get the message because she pulled back and clapped her hands together.

“Now that we’re all acquainted, why don’t you lie on the bed?” she asked the judge, gesturing to the king-size bed covered in silk sheets and a snow-white comforter.

He wrapped his arm around his wife to bring her to the bed too, but Zada pulled the woman back.

“Not yet,” she said.

The judge shrugged and sat on the bed. Zada knelt by her fallen kimono and retrieved some handcuffs. My eyes widened. The judge was not the kind of man who went in for being bound, I could tell, but what lengths would he go to in order to prevent his wife from finding out that he was cheating on her?

“I don’t think those are necessary,” the judge said coldly.

“You hired us to help your love life,” Zada said without emotion. “So let us do the job. Lie down on the bed and stretch out your arms.”

He paused and for one moment I thought he was going to reveal it all, tell his wife that the real reason there was a naked man and woman in the room was because he had hired a male escort and the yakuza had sent a sagent to intimidate him. But then he scooted up on the bed and stretched out his arms to each side of the bed and Zada cuffed him to the posts of the headboard. He could still move, but not very much. His eyes practically glowed with rage and his cock was limp.

“Peter,” Zada said, turning to me. “Why don’t you prepare him while Amelie and I get ready?”

I nodded and moved between his legs. She wanted him hard enough for sex and she was wise to have me do it, since it was a safe bet he would only get hard with a man on his cock. Amelie turned to her in confusion and Zada began kissing her and rubbing their breasts together. I turned my attention to the limp cock before me and licked my lips.

I started with my hand, gently stroking him until I felt him respond and heard a choked cry. I looked up at him and saw his head raised, watching me with dark eyes. I couldn’t read any emotion in his face and I hoped he wouldn’t hate me for participating. I needed to obey Zada because an ordinary escort would obey her in this situation, but I also needed to stay on the judge’s good side. I brought my lips down to his cock and kissed him. Another choked cry and his cock began to harden and lengthen.

I let my tongue slide up and down his shaft as he hardened and soon he was completely hard and his cock bobbed towards his belly when I released it. Precum spilled from the tip and I lapped it up, spending time circling his head with my tongue and chasing the taste until he moaned and shifted on the bed. I relaxed my jaw and slid him into my throat and he gasped. I kept him as deep as I could before letting him out so I could breath, then inhaled him again. While he was deep inside me I let my tongue play with the base of his cock, especially a vein on the underside of his cock that twitched and pulsed as I tongued it. As I slid him out of my mouth, I pressed my tongue against that vein and his legs squeezed against my ears to keep me in place.

I glanced over at the women. Zada was sucking on Amelie’s breasts and fingering her clit and the woman looked near to ecstasy, but I noticed Zada kept her attention divided between Amelie and me. I nodded slightly to indicate to her that the judge was ready. Zada pulled away from Amelie and led her to the bed, where her husband lay with his cock pressed tightly against his belly.

“Help guide him in,” Zada ordered me, then assisted Amelie in straddling her husband.

I held his cock and guided him inside his wife and both of them moaned as he slipped inside her, slick from my mouth. She pressed down as if longing to have all of him inside her at once and he cried out. I bet he’d never enjoyed sex with his wife before this, but he was enjoying it now.

Amelie instinctively began to move on him and he pulled at the restraints on his hands as if desperate to grab her, or grab something. He grabbed the chain on the handcuffs instead. At Zada’s command, I moved to the judge’s front and began kissing him while Zada took a position directly behind Amelie and began fondling her breasts and kissing the damp skin of her neck. I reached out to play with the judge’s nipples, hoping I wasn’t being too bold, and the judge’s entire body shivered in pleasure. I moved so I could mouth his nipples, since they seemed so sensitive. He had a light covering of hair on his chest but his nipples were hairless and cherry red, and stood at attention as I nibbled and sucked my way around them before taking them in my mouth and tonguing them. He was moaning almost constantly, his entire body rocking in the rhythms of sex.

I moved back to his mouth, kissing the moans and encouraging him with my hands on his body. I tried to touch every inch of him, caressing and enticing as only a sagent knows how. I wanted him to become dependent on me so he would ask me back, so I worked hard to tickle the right places, stroke the right spots, and kiss everything I could reach. I could feel him relaxing into my touches and I knew the woman on his cock was improving my ability to control him. I wondered if Zada knew she was making my job easier and if it was her way of silently apologizing for ruining my mission, but there was no time to think because suddenly Zada was helping Amelie off the judge, who grunted with displeasure.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “You’ll be inside someone soon enough.”

She released the handcuffs and he sat up immediately, one hand going to his dripping cock. Zada arranged Amelie in his place and cuffed her. The judge’s eyes gleamed, but Zada pulled me over the woman.

“Peter, you’re going to take Amelie and our judge here is going to take you.”

The judge’s face twisted in shock and lust. “No one touches my wife but me.”

But he didn’t object when Zada pushed me into position. Luckily, my cock was hard from the stroking I’d given it while pleasuring the judge. Amelie looked up at me with a sweet, sweaty smile, her arms forced wide apart and her pert breasts trembling as she spread her legs. The judge himself grabbed my cock and guided it into his wife, though he may have done it just to feel my cock for himself. Once I was in the woman I sighed. She felt beautiful, but I knew better than to move too soon. I prepared myself for the next step, and sure enough I felt fingers prying open my crack and something cold and moist on the judge’s fingers as he stroked my hole. I was glad he was using lube, since not everyone did and I’d been ripped open more times than I could count.

Soon, though, he was pressing against me and I shivered as he pushed through the pucker of flesh and entered me. I pressed against Amelie as he entered me and she cried out, pushing back against me and starting a slow rhythm that the judge quickly joined. I shut my eyes against the bliss. It was incredible being in the middle. I’d been trained for it, of course, but had never experienced it on an actual assignment. In training it had been mildly arousing, but this was completely different. For each thrust into the wife, I was thrust back onto the husband and the combination had me dizzy and light-headed. I saw Zada watching us carefully before she leaned over Amelie and began stroking Amelie’s body in the same way I had stroked the judge earlier. I could not figure out her assignment – was she trying to addict Amelie to her touch? She had said she wanted the judge to submit, and this was a powerful way to show her superiority, but it was also an unusual one. But then the pace increased and my mind went blank except for the constant thrusting.

The judge kissed the back of my neck and shifted slightly and I let out a cry as his penis scraped along my prostrate. Very few people were skilled enough to find the prostrate and I hadn’t expected it from him, but he began pushing up against the sensitive spot every other thrust and I began to pant with the effort of holding my orgasm back. Normally it was easy, since I was faking my arousal, but he was getting me truly hot. I felt him grow hot inside me as well and I knew he wouldn’t last long.

Amelie was the first of us to orgasm and she hardly made a noise, just a surprised gasp as her vagina clenched around me and began to pulse. The pulsations along with the pressure on my prostrate drove me over the edge and I moaned softly, feeling as though someone were yanking a long rope out of me into her willing body. My orgasm must have been the final straw for the judge because just as I moaned, he slumped against me and thrust savagely, spilling deep inside me in two firm thrusts. We all shuddered and lay there panting and out of breath as Zada watched us with a pleased smile.

Slowly, the judge pulled out of me, and I pulled out of Amelie, whose eyes were closed with a dreamy expression on her face.

“I’ve never felt that before,” she whispered.

The judge stiffened in embarrassment and Zada’s grin grew wider. Luckily, Amelie didn’t see.

“Amelie, why don’t you go take a shower and get cleaned up?” Zada said.

Amelie opened her eyes and nodded as Zada uncuffed her from the bed. She stood up and covered herself with adorable modesty as she headed for the adjoining bathroom and closed the door. Once she was gone, the judge turned on Zada with pure hatred in his eyes. I was surprised he managed that much emotion after what we had just been through.

“I want you out,” he hissed. “How dare you do that to me, to my wife.”

“Consider it a warning,” she said. “If you try to escape us, we will find you.”

He paled. It was a good threat. The yakuza were certainly using their sagents effectively. The judge had turned down a bribe, and now he had been humiliated in front of his wife. The yakuza sagent had no doubt taken photos during the encounter to use as further blackmail.

She pulled her kimono back on, tied her obi with ease, and vanished out the door. I turned to the judge. I had ten minutes left and could potentially talk to him but he would probably want me to leave.

“I’m so sorry you got caught up in this,” the judge said, and I smiled inwardly even while I kept my expression steady. He didn’t suspect me. “Perhaps you can come back in a few days and we can have a different type of encounter. How about Sunday, same time and place?”

“As you wish,” I said, keeping my eyes down as he helped me back into my kimono and tied my obi for me. Sunday. Two days from now. I could either go back to Destiny for two days, or remain in the Drops and try to dig up information on the yakuza on my own. My agency would insist that I go back to Destiny. It was far too dangerous for me here, especially since I knew nothing about the place and barely even knew how to wear the clothing. I would get in trouble if I didn’t go back. But despite that, I knew that I was going to stay. This place was too interesting to leave just yet.

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