Friday, September 14th

dystopian science fiction
m/m science fiction

In this chapter, Gabriel openly disobeys his handler and Lee’s punishment goes beyond his worst nightmares. Though not the same type of punishment his previous handlers have used, it promises to forever shatter their relationship and put his job and life at stake. When Lee learns the deepest secret Gabriel holds, a secret rooted in his childhood and hidden his entire life, will he view Gabriel differently? Will Gabriel survive this punishment?

Gabriel grew up in Destiny, the orbiting city protected from the microbes that destroyed life on Earth. He has lived as a slave to the microbes, but when a mission into the underbelly of human society goes awry, he finds himself given a chance for freedom he never thought possible. Will he take it?

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m/m yaoi urban fantasy
m/m urban fantasy

Taylor just wanted to bond with an ordinary demon during his first demon season, but he ends up with the Prince of Demons: an incubus. But his dark past slows his initial bonding with his demon and dangers from the demon’s past threaten their safety in the present. Will their love succeed, or will the demon hunters and shadowed memories prevail?

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