Friday, July 6th

m/m science fiction

In this chapter, Gabriel has his first encounter with a high-ranking yakuza official, but who exactly is he, and what power does he have over Gabriel? Despite reassurances, the situation grows dangerous as the official demands something that his handler wouldn’t want him to do. Will he obey his handler’s unspoken commands, or the desires of the yakuza in front of him?

Sagent: an m/m science fiction novel

Gabriel grew up in Destiny, the orbiting city protected from the microbes that destroyed life on Earth. He has lived as a slave to the microbes, but when a mission into the underbelly of human society goes awry, he finds himself given a chance for freedom he never thought possible. Will he take it?

Coming Next Sunday

m/m urban fantasy

After a troubled youth, Luke has come to terms with his role as the dragon tamer of his clan. But when a rival clan kidnaps him, Luke learns that he has been misled about his life and his purpose. Will he adapt to his new reality, or will he return to the safety of the past?

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