Sunday, June 17th

m/m science fiction

In this chapter, Gabriel awakens in a new location and quickly discovers new information that shakes his understanding of the yakuza. Lee reveals some of his past and Gabriel explains the reasons why he is unique as a sagent. So far, Lee has been reliable and hasn’t lashed out at Gabriel like his previous handlers have, but will this new information be the tipping point?

Sagent: an m/m science fiction novel

Gabriel grew up in Destiny, the orbiting city protected from the microbes that destroyed life on Earth. He has lived as a slave to the microbes, but when a mission into the underbelly of human society goes awry, he finds himself given a chance for freedom he never thought possible. Will he take it?

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romance space opera
m/m urban fantasy

This episodic novella explores the major events and relationships in Nami’s life as she learns to trust no one. But one man seems to remain true to her and she opens her heart to King Bertran. Will he be true to his word, or will she end up another casualty of the new galactic war?

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