Friday, June 1st Update

dystopian science fiction
m/m science fiction

In this chapter, Gabriel is introduced to Sora, the sagent who has been testing him. Sora questions some of his training and encourages him to show strength. When Lee mentions a potential job, Gabriel is quick to accept despite Lee’s hesitations.

Sagent: an m/m science fiction novel

Gabriel grew up in Destiny, the orbiting city protected from the microbes that destroyed life on Earth. He has lived as a slave to the microbes, but when a mission into the underbelly of human society goes awry, he finds himself given a chance for freedom he never thought possible. Will he take it?

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romance space opera
m/m m/f space opera

Eternal War continues the stories of Damien, Sabine, Mat, and Adrian as they separate to return to their home nations and return to their status of enemies. But given the events they have experienced, can they ever truly consider each other enemies again?

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