m/m realism
m/m realism

The morning of Kyle’s first time hosting the annual Fourth of July barbecue, he was at the store buying everything he had forgotten. Somehow, in all the chaos of finding chairs and designing centerpieces, he hadn’t realized that he and his roommate were completely out of both ketchup and mustard, and they only had enough buns for a couple of burgers. His roommate Chris had also forgotten to buy hot dogs entirely, and Kyle’s shopping cart was getting full as he added a few varieties of beer from the local brewery. Chris drank those first and since he was helping, he deserved a reward.

The annual barbeque was a major affair, for Kyle at least. He wasn’t really the party type of guy but he always braced himself for a day of being social as he and all of his friends and Chris’s friends gathered at one of their houses and spent the day celebrating the end of classes and the start of summer: their personal independence. He had avoided hosting duties for three years and while his friends accepted it at first because he was getting over a bad breakup, they were getting annoyed at his continued resistance to hosting and had finally talked him into it. About thirty people were expected, though more might show up since anyone could invite new people.

As he picked up a package of hot dogs and tried to consider whether or not he should splurge on the nice hot dogs or go with the basic, another man came up and grabbed a package of the nice ones, glancing at him as he did. Kyle blushed. He was absolutely gorgeous. Hispanic, with wide brown eyes that sparkled in the harsh lights of the store, and his smile revealed neat white teeth. He was nothing like any of Kyle’s previous boyfriends and yet Kyle knew without question that he had ever seen anyone so handsome. His heart stuttered.

“Excuse me,” the man said, and his voice was like honey.

The man straightened with his package and took a step back. Kyle panicked. This beautiful man was about to walk out of his life forever. He knew without question that if he let this man go, he would regret it. His life was already so full of regret about men, he didn’t want to add to it.

“Hey,” he said, trying to think of something to say. “Um, are those any good? I can’t figure out what to get.”

The man paused and looked at the hot dogs in his hand, the same ones Kyle was considering.

“I like them,” he said. “They go fast.”

“Thanks,” Kyle said, wondering how he could possibly extend this conversation. “Um, are you having a barbeque or anything today?”

The man laughed and Kyle shivered at how lovely the sound was. His last boyfriend rarely laughed, and it had always bothered him.

“Yeah,” he said. “Well, my friends are. I’m in charge of the shopping.”

“Me too,” Kyle said. He couldn’t think of anything else to say but the man’s response was a little odd. “Um, what do you mean your friends are? Are you not going?”

“Well, I hang out with them every year,” the man said with a shrug. “And every day, really.”

“Would you want to come to my party?”

The words were out before Kyle could even consider them and he blushed. He didn’t even know this man’s name and he was inviting him to his party. He had never brought anyone before but if he was going to bring someone, he wanted it to be this man.

The man paused and examined him, then smiled again.

“What time?”

Kyle’s heart pounded in excitement. He hadn’t refused. He was interested.

“Um, it starts at three, and lasts until late. Like, midnight. You can see the city fireworks really well from my backyard and those are at eight. You don’t have to come the whole time. I have a pool. I’m Kyle, by the way.”

He felt like he was rambling and the man looked amused, but he nodded.

“I’m Eddie. I can stop by at three. I might be able to stay a while. Where is it?”

He pulled out his phone and Kyle told him the address and checked the map to make sure it was right, since google sometimes sent people to the other side of town. Eddie entered the party into his calendar and Kyle grinned, feeling foolish.

“I’ll, um, see you there, I hope,” he said.

“Definitely,” Eddie said. “I might be a few minutes late, but I’ll be there.”

Kyle was unloading the groceries when his roommate Chris came in, checking through the bags to make sure he had gotten everything. Hesitantly, Kyle told him he had invited someone and blushed when Chris asked who.

“I, er, well, his name is Eddie.”

“Have I met him?” Chris asked, puzzled.

“Well, no, I just met him.”

“Does he work with you?”

It was a reasonable assumption. Kyle had just started his summer job and had just met all of his coworkers. He wondered if he could get away with saying that was how he knew Eddie, but he knew he couldn’t. His blush deepened.

“No, I mean, I met him today. At the store.”

“But you’d never met him before?”

Chris sounded shocked, then he shook his head.

“Damn,” he said. “Is it really that easy to pick up a date when you’re gay? Man, I need to be gay.”

Kyle’s cheeks were on fire and he busied himself putting the groceries away. Chris was also single and had been trying to hook up with someone so he could bring her to the barbecue. He had broken up with his longtime girlfriend almost a year ago but she had been to every previous barbecue with him. He didn’t want to be here alone, and although several of his female friends were coming, he wanted a girlfriend. He wanted to prove to their friends that only saw him at this party that he wasn’t still moping, though in fact he was. His occasional dates were usually disasters and when he told Kyle about them, they were mostly descriptions of how she wasn’t as good or smart or fun as his ex.

“He’s just coming as a friend,” Kyle said. “I mean, he wasn’t really doing anything else today.”

“I doubt he thinks he’s coming as a friend,” Chris said, nudging him. “I’m pretty sure he expects something.”

Kyle mumbled and excused himself, leaving the room quickly as Chris chuckled. It was true, though. Eddie probably did expect something. Would he get it? Kyle wasn’t sure. Eddie was so attractive, but Kyle wasn’t the type for a fling. He had only had serious boyfriends before. His last boyfriend had ended the relationship dramatically three years ago and he hadn’t even bothered dating since then. Maybe he should rethink that. Maybe he should have some fun tonight and see where it went. A smile spread across his lips and he felt excitement coursing through his veins. He hadn’t ever done this, but he wanted to.

Three o’clock came and Kyle started looking at his watch. A few friends were already here and the rest would wander in over the next hour. Everything was ready. The appetizers were out and Chris had already broken out the beer. One of the girls had made margaritas and another was prepping the grill. Sammi did the grilling every year; she was the only one who didn’t burn the food. No one was in the pool yet but they were all in swimsuits and the girls were in a variety of shawls and skirts over their suits. Those would come off soon enough once they got in the pool, but it was still pretty calm.

Kyle was in his navy swim trunks and a maroon shirt, with white socks. He figured maroon was close enough to red and he always made an attempt to wear the right colors. Most of his friends were in various shades of red, white, and blue as well. Sammi was in crop shorts – denim, so they counted as blue – and a red halter. She was the only one who didn’t like swimming.

Kyle glanced at his watch. Two minutes had passed. Eddie had said he might be a few minutes late, but what did he consider a few? Five minutes? Twenty minutes? An hour? Kyle had implied that he could show up anytime between three and midnight so he didn’t know. But Kyle was staying in the house, not the yard. Most people knew to come around back and didn’t bother with the door, but Eddie wouldn’t know that. He might follow people through the back gate if he came at the same time as others, but otherwise he would likely go to the door and Kyle wanted to make sure he heard the doorbell.

“Kyle!” Sammi called. “I’m ready! First platter!”

Kyle picked up the platter of burgers and hesitated, glancing towards the door. He would only be gone for a minute to bring her the burgers but he didn’t want to miss Eddie. Sammi called again and he rushed out.

“What took you?” she asked.

Chris sauntered up. “He’s waiting for someone.”

“You invited a boy?” Sammi asked, delighted. “Do I know him?”

“Kyle barely knows him,” Chris said with a mischievous grin. “But we’ll be nice.”

Kyle ignored them and retreated to the kitchen. He could see the entire backyard from the window in case Eddie came through the back. He glanced at his watch. Six past three. What exactly did he mean by a few minutes?

He glanced out the window. He really should be helping. This was his party, after all. He was the host. Guilt began creeping into his mind and he went to the door but didn’t go outside. Then the doorbell rang and he jumped in surprise. He bolted to the front door and then stopped and took a deep breath. He ran a hand through his hair and straightened. He fixed a smile on his lips and opened the door.

Eddie stood there, his dark eyes shining and a big smile on his face. He was in red swim trunks and a white shirt. He had blue flip flops on. He was holding a six-pack of Kyle’s favorite beer.

“Hey,” he said in that honey voice.

“Hey,” Kyle responded breathlessly. “Um, come in. Please.”

He brought Eddie through the house into the kitchen.

“I brought these,” Eddie said, hefting the six-pack before setting it on the table. “You didn’t say if I should bring anything.”

“This is great,” Kyle said, suddenly feeling shy. “So everyone’s out back. A few people are already here. I’ll introduce you.”

Eddie agreed and as Kyle led him to the door, Eddie reached out and took his hand, squeezing it slightly. Kyle’s heart leapt in his chest and he glanced at the man, unable to hide his pleased smile. He really did want this. He squeezed back and kept holding his hand as they went out back.

Kyle was having a difficult time balancing his duties as host with his desire to spend all his time with Eddie. Luckily, Eddie seemed to be having a great time. He got along with all of Kyle’s friends and a few of them had pulled Kyle aside to compliment his taste in men. He suspected his cheeks were permanently red from the amount of blushing he was doing. People were splashing in the pool by now and food was everywhere. No one was drunk yet, but a couple were on their way. Eddie was pacing himself and Kyle was glad. He didn’t like getting too drunk himself and he didn’t want to deal with Eddie if he got drunk.

He handed Sammi more hot dogs and looked for Eddie. He didn’t see him and went into the house, where a few people were escaping the heat. As he entered, he nearly ran into Eddie on his way out. Eddie smiled at him and took his hand.

“Hey,” he said. “Think you can escape for a few minutes?”

“Sure,” Kyle said, and Eddie pulled him inside. He led Kyle into the living room, which was empty, and wrapped his arms around Kyle’s waist. Kyle drew in a sharp breath, then leaned into the embrace and placed his hands on Eddie’s chest. Eddie was so strong. He still had his shirt on, but Kyle had already taken his off. Eddie stroked his back and Kyle shivered. His touch felt so good.

“Um, do you want to go to my room?” he asked, trying to sound bold and confident.

“Yeah,” Eddie said. “That sounds good.”

Kyle leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips, then backed away and took his hand, leading him up the steps to his room. Eddie came in and looked around as Kyle locked the door. His room was clean for once and he was glad he had thought to pick up. He had a large bulletin board stuffed with papers, banners, pins, and a couple of bumper stickers. Eddie examined it. If Eddie had wondered what Kyle thought about anything, the answer was on that bulletin board. Luckily, nothing seemed to turn him off and he turned back to Kyle with a wide smile. Then Kyle’s mouth went dry as he took off his shirt.

Eddie was gorgeous. He was perfectly muscled and his abs were a work of art. Kyle approached him and ran a hand over his belly, awed by how beautiful he was. Kyle felt suddenly inadequate, though everyone told him he was hot. He wasn’t muscular like this, though. He had a slim, surfer’s build and even though he worked out, he did it casually and not frequently enough to really bulk up. He just wanted to keep in shape. Eddie probably worked out all the time, or had a physically intensive job. Kyle hadn’t really gotten around to finding out what Eddie did for a living, though they’d been chatting all afternoon.

Eddie embraced him again and they locked in a kiss. Kyle’s heart was very erratic as Eddie’s tongue invaded his mouth and the other man dominated the kiss. Kyle melted into him, giving him control. But Eddie’s confidence and dominance were starting to make Kyle a little insecure and he pulled away.

“Um, I’ve never, I mean I don’t usually do stuff like this,” he said, not really knowing how to explain.

“That’s fine,” Eddie said. “I’ll guide you, then. Do you want this?”

“Yes,” Kyle said without hesitation. He was a little turned on by the thought that Eddie was going to guide him. He wondered what that meant, exactly, but thought of how dominant that kiss was and felt a flutter of lust. His past boyfriends had never been like that. He kind of liked submitting to the handsome Eddie.

“Tell me if I’m going too fast,” Eddie said. “Or if there’s something you don’t want to do.”

“Thank you,” Kyle whispered. He was grateful that Eddie would take this at his pace and seemed to care about what he wanted. He realized suddenly that inviting a guy to his room like this could have been an invitation to rape if the guy overpowered him, but he felt certain that Eddie would respect him.

Eddie led him to the bed and they sat next to each other, then started kissing again. Kyle leaned against him, then started tracing his hands along Eddie’s gorgeous body. He caressed the man’s back as Eddie did the same to him, and then Kyle slid his hands to the top of Eddie’s trunks. Feeling bold, he slid his hands under the elastic band and stroked the sensitive skin along Eddie’s waist and the very top of his ass. He felt wonderful.

With a laugh, Eddie stood up and slipped off his trunks. Kyle, still sitting on the bed, was suddenly faced with a beautiful penis right in front of him. Eddie was so hot, and already hard. Kyle was hard, too, and seeing that cock – and wondering where it would go – was getting him harder. He wanted Eddie so badly.

Kyle placed his hands on Eddie’s hips, holding him in place and licking his lips. He glanced up at Eddie, who was grinning. Kyle pulled Eddie forward a step and let his hands slide inward until he stroked the beautiful cock. Bigger than his previous boyfriends but not intimidating and he leaned forward and extended his tongue, gently caressing his shaft. He tasted good, and Kyle let his tongue work around the cock and slick him up before tracing over the head. Eddie moaned softly and clutched Kyle’s head, tangling his hand in Kyle’s curls.

Kyle lavished his attention on Eddie for a long time as Eddie moaned and leaned into him, occasionally guiding his head but mostly letting him do his thing. His boyfriends had always loved the way he sucked cock and he could tell Eddie was loving it, too. Then he trailed his tongue under Eddie’s tip and slid him into his throat, enjoying the feel of Eddie filling him.

With a gasp, Eddie’s hand tightened in his hair and he thrust against Kyle. It had been a while since Kyle had taken a man like this but he was ready and he felt dizzy with passion. He let Eddie take control as he relaxed his jaw and Eddie pulsed into him. None of his boyfriends had ever dominated him like this and he couldn’t believe how pleasurable it was.

They were locked in passion for what felt like ages before Eddie groaned and Kyle could feel the man’s cock twitching in his mouth. He was about to cum and Kyle had never wanted to swallow anyone as much as he did now. He grabbed Eddie and held him close, working his tongue as Eddie let out a cry and cum exploded into his mouth. He swallowed again and again as Eddie moaned, and before long they were both satisfied.

Eddie laid on the bed and pulled Kyle next to him as he stroked Kyle’s hair.

“Damn, you’re good,” he said. Then his hand slid down Kyle’s chest to his trunks, which weren’t hiding his erection. Eddie stroked him through the coarse material and Kyle hissed at the pleasure.

“Not yet,” Eddie whispered. “But you’ll get your fireworks tonight. I promise.”

Kyle felt absolutely decadent as he helped Sammi with the last round of burgers and hot dogs before the fireworks started. No one knew what he and Eddie had done. At least he hoped not. For him, sex was usually a totally private thing done at night. He had never done it during the afternoon, and especially not with so many people around. Eddie grinned whenever their eyes met and he kept blushing, wondering what else Eddie planned on doing to him.

The sun had almost completely set and it was rapidly getting dark. The fireworks were due to start in less than five minutes when Eddie appeared at his side and took his hand. Everyone was getting in the lounge chairs and preparing for the show but Eddie pulled him towards the house.

“Your room faces this way, right?” he asked. “Can you see the fireworks from there?”

“Yeah,” Kyle said, and followed Eddie into the house to his room. He caught of glimpse of Chris grinning at him as they slipped into the house and he wondered how many people would notice that he and Eddie were missing, and how many would guess why.

He opened his blinds. He had never watched from here before but the view should be just as good, if not better since they were on the second story. He pointed out where in the sky they would be and they sat on the bed together. Kyle reached out and pulled Eddie into a kiss. They were deep in the kiss when a boom shivered through the room and they broke apart to look at the red sparks showering down outside. The whole room glowed red as the flickers of light scattered and faded in the sky.

“That’s beautiful,” Eddie said, then turned back to him. “But you’re better.”

Kyle blushed and they kissed again, the occasional firework punctuating their movements as Eddie slid off his swim trunks and then helped Kyle with his. Kyle felt a little shy about exposing himself but Eddie licked his lips at the sight of him, then pulled him into a domineering kiss. Sparks crackled through the air and the room flashed white as Eddie reached down and stroked him. Kyle moaned in surprise and leaned closer, and soon Eddie was stroking him and pushing him back in the bed. Kyle was on his back now and Eddie was over him, and he wanted Eddie. He bent his knees and Eddie’s hand slipped from his cock to his balls. He moaned. He wanted this so, so badly.

“Please,” he whispered. “More.”

Eddie kissed him as another boom cracked through the night. The room was briefly tinted green; it must have been a large firework. Then Eddie pushed Kyle’s legs against his chest and arranged himself at Kyle’s opening. Kyle drew in a sharp breath, preparing for the pleasurable sensations he knew were coming, but he was still blown away as Eddie penetrated him. It had been too long since he’s had sex and he had forgotten how good this felt. Eddie rushed into him as an explosion of crimson tinted the room. Kyle gasped for breath but Eddie was dominating him again, thrusting in and out with a look of absolute pleasure on his gorgeous face. Kyle writhed with him, finding the best positions and angles as they locked together and fireworks continued to shatter the night outside.

Eddie’s pace increased just as the pace of the fireworks increased, the booms and crackles coming almost on top of each other as Eddie thrust into him on every breath. Kyle was barely able to contain himself and felt as though he were going to explode. It was too much pleasure, too much sensation, too much everything and as cracks filled the night and the room was flashing gold and green, he cried out and felt himself explode. Eddie let out a moan and Kyle felt him cum deep inside, a pleasurable sensation of being filled.

There was a trembling boom and then silence, broken only by their panting breaths. Eddie laughed and kissed him before pulling out, and Kyle yanked him down on the bed to cuddle against him.

“That was some finale,” Eddie said with a wink. Kyle giggled and kissed him, and Eddie stroked his hair. “Want to do this again sometime?”

Kyle looked at him, surprised and happy.

“You want to?”

“I do,” Eddie said, giving him a light kiss. “Do you?’

“Hell yes,” Kyle said.

They lay together a while longer, enjoying each other’s bodies, as they listened to the cheers and chatter from the party outside. Kyle snuggled against Eddie’s strong body. He was incredibly grateful he had gotten up the courage to talk to Eddie at the store. Now, instead of regret, he had been given more pleasure than he’d experienced in years, and the potential for more. He wasn’t sure if Eddie were interested in a relationship or regular hookups, but as he considered, he found he wouldn’t mind either option. Whatever happened, his boldness had paid off and he could move on in his life.

The End

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