Fertile Harvest

Chapter 2: Pleasurable Price

Fertile Harvest

“Turn over,” the bandit said softly, watching Alfred with desire in his eyes.

Alfred rolled over, the bedspread rubbing harshly against his cock until the bandit’s hands grabbed his hips and lifted him to his hands and knees. He’d never been taken like this before and his breathing was sharp with anticipation. The bandit leaned against him and he flinched in preparation for the pain that was sure to come, but the bandit simply kissed his back, his hands moving from his hips up his chest to his nipples. His left nipple was sore in the best way possible and he groaned as the bandit twisted it and a ripple of pleasured pain streaked through his body. His right nipple, slower to the game, was still hard and the gentle tweaking was making him pant. He pressed back against the bandit, ready for him to enter. The bandit kissed his back again and then Alfred felt his cock against his opening.

He braced himself as the cock rubbed against him, precum slicking him up. He was grateful as it would mean less pain, but the gentle pressure when he was eager for more teased him and he tried to back onto the cock. The bandit chuckled and the fingers on his nipples squeezed. He gasped and lowered his head. This felt incredible and the bandit wasn’t even inside him yet. Then the bandit grabbed his hips and he knew it was finally time.

He gasped as the bandit burst into his body. It hurt, but the pleasure was much stronger and he shifted his knees wider to invite him in. The bandit entered him slowly, his breath uneven against Alfred’s back as he clearly enjoyed penetrating him. Alfred arched his back as the bandit fully entered him and he felt the brush of pubic hair against his ass. He was indeed much larger than any of his boyfriends and it felt wonderful. The bandit slid out and he moaned at the loss of sensation, but he didn’t have to wait long until the bandit thrust into him again, then began a slow, teasing rhythm that had him on fire in minutes.

The bandit’s hand moved across Alfred’s body as his strokes continued, playing with his nipples, stroking along his cock, arousing and enticing him as Alfred moved in concert with the massive cock thrusting into him. He tried to quicken the pace several times but the bandit was relentlessly slow and steady as he fucked him for nearly an hour. Every time Alfred felt about to come, the bandit slowed even more until he recovered and was ready to take more. Finally, when Alfred worried he wouldn’t last any longer, the pace quickened, the thrusts coming faster and more forcefully.

Alfred arched his back again and again, his knees wide to allow the deepest penetration possible. The bandit was almost completely withdrawing between each thrust and the sensations were incredible. It was like being pierced for the first time every single time the bandit entered him and with the pace so quick, he buried his head in the bedspread to hold back his cries. His cock was spasming wildly and if the bandit touched him he would come without question. With no direct contact he was able to hold on but it wouldn’t last, not with the deep strokes seeming to infiltrate his very soul.

The bandit kept up the motions as Alfred moaned and tossed his head.

“Please,” Alfred murmured, and as if that were the invitation the bandit had been waiting for, he seemed to thrust even deeper into him at the same time his hand grabbed Alfred’s cock and stroked his shaft forcefully.

Alfred buried his head to stifle a scream as his body exploded into a thousand sparks and he felt another explosion deep inside him. The sensations slowed as his body still spiked in pleasure and the hand on his cock kept firmly and relentlessly yanking against him until he spent himself and he slumped forward. The bandit slid out of him and Alfred fell sideways on the bed, barely able to move. The bandit rolled him onto his back and he felt moisture under him as his ass twinged. He felt beautifully used.

The bandit was smirking again as he kissed Alfred and lay beside him, threading an arm under Alfred’s neck and around his shoulders. Alfred felt him kiss his head and they lay like that for a long time before the delirious daze started to clear. He turned in the bandit’s arms to face him and realized the bandit was watching him and probably had been for some time. A sudden urge to use the bathroom washed over him. His ass twinged again and the bandit kissed his forehead and then allowed him to sit up.

As he used the toilet and cleaned himself up – both his ass and his back, which was smeared with his cum after lying on the bed – his mind was a whirl. He wasn’t sure what to make of what had happened and he wondered if the bandit would demand further payment from him. His ass was sore but he wouldn’t mind paying that price again, and again. Maybe not immediately but he doubted the bandit was up to another performance like that right away either. He returned to the other room and the bandit replaced him, giving him a curt order to get into bed.

The bedspread had been cleaned as much as possible, he noticed as he slid under the covers. It felt odd to be in a bed like this without any clothes, not even a bed shirt. The bandit returned and got into bed with him. It was night and time to sleep, and as the bandit pulled him to cuddle against his chest, he realized that the price wouldn’t have to be paid again tonight. He relaxed against the bandit and tried to sleep, tried to ignore the buzz in his body at remembered pleasure and the intimate way the bandit was holding him. If the bandit woke up and wanted more, he would give it.

The bandit stood near Alfred’s booth as he hawked his wares. He was close enough to keep any potential thieves away but not too close to intimidate the buyers away. They were a little intimidated, though, because no one tried to rip him off and he had expected that to happen several times. The people here knew his father and knew he wouldn’t put up with that behavior but they didn’t know him and he knew he looked like he’d be a pushover. But no one tried, and no kids came near. He hated the kids here, as they frequently grabbed fruit and vegetables while the seller wasn’t looking. Little losses like that were accounted for in the price of the rest but since nothing was filched as far as he could tell, he knew he’d have slightly higher profits than usual.

The neighboring farms which usually provided much of the produce in town were dealing with a plague of migrating locusts, he knew, and his produce was in demand. His father had plenty of wards to keep off the locusts and either they had worked or the locusts had enough to feed on the other farms, because their last harvest had been untouched. He was sold out of goods even before the market ended and he started closing up with a sense of slight confusion. He had never expected to completely sell out. He had expected to return with leftovers, vegetables and fruit that weren’t as high of quality and hadn’t found buyers. Instead, the less desirable produce had been sold for haggled prices but they had been sold and he had gotten more money than he expected from them.

As he hitched his empty cart to his horse, he hid the gold and silver he had earned on his body where it was less obvious and less likely to be stolen. The bandit watched him impassively and Alfred wondered again if there would be a further price. He would not mind. The bandit even helped him with the cart and stayed at his side as they left the crowded town. Once they were on the road alone, the bandit flashed him a smile.

“You did better than you expected, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Alfred said. “Thank you for your help.”

“I’ll stay with you until we’re near your home. No one will steal your profits.”

“Thank you,” Alfred repeated with a cautious smile.

They walked in silence for hours and saw no one, though normally he knew he would have been a target. Someone like him with a cart full of goods was a target but not the best one, since the thieves would then have to sell his goods themselves. Someone like him with an empty cart meant he had gold on him and he would have been attacked without question. His father was often attacked on the way home, he knew, and his father had killed three bandits over the years. But with this formidable bandit at his side, no one even came near.

When they were about two miles from his home, Alfred pulled the horse to a stop. He was embarrassed to have the bandit come closer because then his father would want to know who it was and what he had paid for that type of protection. Alfred also wanted his father to think he had done this on his own, even though he hadn’t. The bandit looked down the road and nodded.

“This is your farm?” he asked.

“Close enough,” Alfred said. “This is our property now. I’m safe.”

“Then I’ll leave you,” the bandit said. “But I’ll keep an eye on you until you reach your farm.”

Alfred glanced at him shyly. “Thank you,” he whispered.

The bandit took a quick step and was at his side in an instant and Alfred tensed, but the bandit placed his hands on his hips and kissed him gently.

“It was a good exchange, don’t you think?” the bandit asked.

Alfred blushed and nodded.

“Was that your last harvest?”


“How often do you leave your farm?”

Alfred puzzled over that. During the winter he had the animals to care for so even though there weren’t crops, it wasn’t much of a break. He rarely left. The bandit smiled and tapped his nose.

“Perhaps you could find reason to leave a few times and come to town. You’re a young man who needs to socialize, aren’t you?”

Alfred understood his meaning suddenly and he drew in a sharp breath. The bandit wanted him to leave so they could meet each other. Did he want that? He had gotten safe passage and paid the price; was he willing to continue the relationship? Did he want it to become something more?

“I’ll keep protecting you for future trips to the market,” the bandit offered. “If you’re worried you won’t get anything out of this. Or are you ready for this to end?”

“No,” Alfred said, then realized the bandit might misinterpret his refusal. “I mean I don’t want it to end.”

“Good,” the bandit said with that smirk of his. “How about the first weekend of next month? Come on this path on Friday afternoon and I’ll meet you. You can pay in advance for my protection next year.”

“My father might be doing the market trips again next year,” Alfred said hesitantly.

“I doubt it after he sees how much you made,” the bandit said. “But if he’s at the market, your farm will need protection, won’t it? I’ll see that you stay safe throughout the year, no matter where you are.”

“Next month sounds good,” Alfred said awkwardly. He had never made plans like this before and while he was embarrassed to be openly planning to sleep with a practical stranger, it was also arousing. He enjoyed this, just as he enjoyed the bandit.

The bandit turned to go and Alfred grabbed his arm. The bandit stared at him in surprise and Alfred ducked his head.

“Um, what’s your name?”

“You can call me Wolf,” the bandit said with a smile. “If you need a name.”

“Thank you, Wolf,” Alfred said, feeling shy about using that name.

The bandit kissed him without warning, this time grabbing his ass and entering his mouth fully. Alfred felt like he was melting again and clung to the man, wanting the kiss to last forever. He sighed in disappointment when the bandit finally ended the kiss and the bandit laughed.

“You’ll see me again. Until next month.”

Alfred wished him farewell and watched him leave the road. He had said he would keep an eye on Alfred so he probably wasn’t going far and Alfred’s heart sang as he clucked to the horse and began the final leg of his journey. He had made quite a profit, far more than his father usually did. His family would do well over the winter and have enough left over to possibly expand the fields and have more crops when planting began. And while that should have been the most important concern, he knew his other profit was far more valuable to him. He was getting protection both on and off the farm but more than that, he was getting the bandit for himself and that was worth more than any gold he could have earned.

The End

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