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m/m m/f space opera

Damien settles down to plan his next attack on Wendigo but an unexpected show of force in the Unclaimed Quadrant requires Mat’s presence – and Mat can’t leave Damien alone or risk his death. Damien must choose between remaining and risking death or going with Mat on an enemy warship, with the risk of being unable to return to Lohen on time. It is unclear which danger poses the most threat, but Mat has a trick that may make the choice easier than it first appears – despite Damien’s resistance.

Eternal War: Book Three of the Eternity Series

Set in a complex and sprawling universe, the Eternity Series follows several key military and political leaders as they navigate the Second Galactic War from its accidental beginning to the stunning conclusion that will radically alter life throughout the galaxy.

In Eternal War, the four allies return to their home nations and return to their status of enemies. As Sabine moves away from the others and becomes obsessed with reestablishing her own nation, Damien becomes isolated in Lohen and faces increasing difficulties in his home nation. Only Mat and Adrian seem to be able to straddle the line between friend and enemy as they struggle to keep Sabine and Damien from drifting too far apart. But will they be able to keep Damien and Sabine from worsening the Second Galactic War?

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m/m urban fantasy

Taylor just wanted to bond with an ordinary demon during his first demon season, but he ends up with the Prince of Demons: an incubus. But his dark past slows his initial bonding with his demon and dangers from the demon’s past threaten their safety in the present. Will their love succeed, or will the demon hunters and shadowed memories prevail?

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