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m/m yaoi urban fantasy
m/m urban fantasy

In this nsfw chapter, Taylor recovers from the attack with Gabriel and Natalie at his side but when Gabriel’s hunger grows too great, he enters the demon’s dreamworld to feed him. As the two share an intimate moment, Taylor faces his desire for more and his fears of intimacy. How far is he willing to go with his demon, and how much does Gabriel want?

Taylor just wanted to bond with an ordinary demon during his first demon season. Instead, he finds himself bonded to the Prince of Demons, an incubus whose taste for pleasure forces Taylor to confront uncomfortable memories and face his fears of intimacy.

Now, Taylor finds himself falling in love even while danger begins to swirl around the Demon Prince. Enemies from the Prince’s past and present seek to destroy him, and Taylor discovers that he is in the crosshairs in a battle he hardly understands and is unable to fight. Will his love for his demon remain true, or will the danger snap the fragile bond between them?

romance space opera
m/m m/f epic space opera

Eternal War continues the stories of Damien, Sabine, Mat, and Adrian as they separate to return to their home nations and return to their status of enemies. But given the events they have experienced, can they ever truly consider each other enemies again?

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