Dragon Tamer Chapter 14 Published

Sunday, January 13th

m/m urban fantasy
m/m urban fantasy

In this chapter, Luke confronts his former leader, Daniel, and is forced to quickly revert to the obedience Daniel requires and give up the freedom and independence he’s developed at Eric’s side. As Luke is isolated from his dragonlings and alone with Daniel, the weight of his disobedience begins to add up and he realizes there isn’t any way out without punishment of some sort. But how far is Daniel willing to go, and is there any hope of escape?

Luke has heard dragons all his life and when a dragon summoned him to raise her dragonlings, he ran away to help her. But the world he enters is fraught with danger and his access is limited. He raises his dragonlings and knows little of the outside world or his role in it. As the dragons begin dying off and dragon tamers like him become scarce, a rival tribe kidnaps him and everything he knows is thrown into question. Will he adapt to this new world, and who can he trust to help him?

m/m urban fantasy

As a young man begins work for an ancient vampire house, he discovers that vampires aren’t just fearsome, they’re quite attractive… especially his new master. Will he survive the centuries-old conflict he has fallen into, and will his master ever return his love?

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