The Boss's Gift

The Boss's Gift

yaoi romance

Christian tugged at the collar of his suit. It was brand new: a gift from his boss. A few days ago Mr. Tanner took him to a high-end suit store where he was properly fitted. Christian flushed at the memory of having to strip nearly naked in order to be measured. Today was his first day wearing the suit. It fit like a glove.

He didn’t want to think of the expense. Mr. Tanner said it was nothing, part of making sure the firm looked good, but Christian knew he hadn’t bought the other interns suits. Maybe it meant he had earned that coveted promotion.

Only ten minutes after he arrived, Mr. Tanner summoned Christian into his office. It was rare to be allowed in Mr. Tanner’s office; when the doors were closed, no one was allowed in. Mr. Tanner sat at his large desk and steepled his hands together, studying Christian.

“Close the door,” Mr. Tanner commanded. “You look good in that suit. Very good. Would you like a picture in that suit so your girlfriend can see good you look?”

“A picture? She can just look at me.”

Mr. Tanner already had a camera out, the old fashioned kind with an enormous lens.

“She can’t see you at work. Why don’t you come sit here? I’ll take your picture.”

Confused but not seeing the harm, Christian obeyed. He sat in Mr. Tanner’s fancy leather chair. Mr. Tanner snapped one photo, then knelt down and shot another.

“Good,” he said. “Now unbutton your jacket.”

Mr. Tanner took a couple more pictures, then knelt and stared at him, tapping one finger against his chin. Mr. Tanner was really quite handsome, Christian thought idly. It was hard to tell sometimes because he was the boss and Christian rarely thought of guys that way, but anyone would look at Mr. Tanner and think the same. He had a tall, strong frame and worked out regularly to stay in top form. His face was exquisitely chiseled and he had been a model in his twenties, according to office gossip. His lips were hard but full and Christian wondered what they felt like.

He blushed. He shouldn’t be having thoughts like this. Once, at a party in college, he had gotten drunk and kissed his best friend. His male best friend. That had been the end of the friendship, but the start of the realization that perhaps he wasn’t as straight as he wanted to be.

It didn’t matter, though, he told himself. He had a girlfriend now.

“You’re doing great, Christian,” Mr. Tanner said. His voice was low and husky. “Why don’t you try taking your jacket off and loosening your tie? Get a more casual look?”

Christian obeyed again and was about to toss his jacket when Mr. Tanner caught it. He hung Christian’s jacket next to his own. Now they were both in shirtsleeves. Mr. Tanner reached out and loosened Christian’s tie, then pulled it off with one swift motion.

“You look better without it,” he said. “Unbutton your shirt.”

Christian blushed again, and his fingers stumbled over the top three buttons. Mr. Tanner snapped a photo of him unbuttoning, and another when he had successfully undone himself. Then Mr. Tanner undid the top three buttons of his own shirt and Christian saw the top of a smooth, muscled chest. He couldn’t help but imagine running his hands along that chest. This was his boss, he reminded himself. He shouldn’t be having these thoughts.

He shifted uncomfortably. His wild thoughts were having a strong affect. He would not get an erection in front of his boss, he told himself. He had survived the suit fitting, where a man knelt by his crotch and took careful measurements of everything, without getting hard. Surely he could have a few pictures taken and do the same.

“Why don’t you take your shirt off, Christian? You look uncomfortable.”

For the first time, Christian looked up and met his gaze. Sheer lust was reflected there and Christian scooted back in the chair. Was he reading this right? Was his boss really attracted to him? Mr. Tanner had to be straight; he was every woman’s dream. And how could he possibly be interested in a skinny little kid like Christian?

“I have a girlfriend,” Christian said as if that would defend him.

“I know. What is her name?”

Christian opened his mouth just as Mr. Tanner leaned towards him. All he could think of was Mr. Tanner as the man placed his hands on the chair arms and leaned, those perfect lips coming closer. No girl mattered when Mr. Tanner was so close, but Mr. Tanner didn’t kiss him. He stopped about an inch from Christian’s face and smiled.

“Thought so,” he murmured. “So how about that shirt? I’d love to get some more pictures of you.”

Christian felt numb. Pictures? Then he snapped back to reality and remembered that they were taking pictures. Having Mr. Tanner so close made him completely forget. He started to rip off his shirt but Mr. Tanner winced, reminding him to take care. Christian took a deep breath and focused on each button.

Mr. Tanner snapped more photos of Christian in the process of taking off his shirt. Christian wondered what would happen to the pictures, if Mr. Tanner would get off while looking at them. The thought made him hard and he was grateful that the pants were staying on. For now at least. Christian pulled the shirt off and hung it up. He shivered, but his body was on fire.

“Let’s see you at the desk,” Mr. Tanner said.

Christian stood up and leaned against the desk, partially sitting on it. Mr. Tanner moved so close he was practically straddling him. He set the camera down and rested his hands on Christian’s hips.

“You’re doing great,” Mr. Tanner said again. “Just breathe.”

Seeing that chiseled face, Christian let out a tiny moan of desire that he couldn’t stifle. Mr. Tanner pulled their bodies together and Christian could feel the man’s arousal like a bar of molten metal against his thigh. His own arousal was equally evident.

Then those lips were closing in on him and he shut his eyes. Mr. Tanner kissed him tenderly, running his tongue along the contours of Christian’s tightly sealed lips. He nipped at Christian’s lower lip and Christian gasped in surprise. Mr. Tanner took advantage of the opening, mapping the interior of his mouth in a way that was more possessive that arousing. But it felt so damn good, he thought. Like fire running across the roof of his mouth, his tongue, his teeth, everywhere and everything all at once sending their signals straight to his quivering cock.

Mr. Tanner stroked Christian’s hair with one hand while the other moved down his back. For his part, Christian stroked Mr. Tanner’s rock-hard chest and stomach. He undid the buttons on the shirt so that he could access everything, and Mr. Tanner stopped their kiss just long enough to toss his shirt aside.

Then Mr. Tanner pressed forward and Christian found himself sitting on the desk. He leaned forward more until Christian was flat on his back, his legs instinctively wrapping around Mr. Tanner’s waist. Mr. Tanner undid the belt and buttons on Christian’s pants and Christian moaned quietly, not wanting anyone outside to hear but unable to prevent the sound of pleasure.

Mr. Tanner pulled off his shoes and socks, then shimmied off Christian’s pants. With only his boxers on, he felt naked and exposed, his cock tenting up in the most embarrassing way. Mr. Tanner undid his own belt and pushed his pants down a little, but Christian couldn’t see much. Perhaps it was better that he couldn’t see what was about to enter him. He was sure if he could see it, he would start to panic.

Christian could just imagine how this would look to someone who walked in. He tried to see if the door was locked. No, it wasn’t, but it was closed and no one interrupted Mr. Tanner when the door was closed. Now Christian knew why.

His boxers slid off and Mr. Tanner sighed.

“Just beautiful.”

Christian wondered if he would ever stop blushing. He was completely naked on Mr. Tanner’s desk. Then Mr. Tanner poured some lube liberally over his hands, and began massaging his opening. Christian bit back a howl of pleasure as the slick finger pads struck the outer rim of his sensitive area.

Just as Christian was getting used to having someone touch his ass, Mr. Tanner began working his finger inside. It hurt, and was almost a relief when the first knuckle popped inside his tight muscular ring.

“Breathe, baby,” Mr. Tanner said, and Christian realized he’d been holding his breath.

Mr. Tanner began working his finger in and out of the hole. It burned, but Christian grit his teeth and bore it. If one finger hurt this much, he couldn’t imagine what a cock would feel like.

Mr. Tanner leaned low next to his ear.

“What I’m about to do might make you scream, baby, but you have to hold back.”

Mr. Tanner curved his finger and stroked his prostrate. Christian’s body nearly levitated off the desk. It was incredible. Mr. Tanner did it again and a small cry escaped, barely audible. He tossed his head and felt his chest grow heavy, his nipples hard as rocks. Mr. Tanner leaned down and licked one, then the other. He nipped one lightly and Christian whimpered. This was too much. He shifted uncomfortably, his legs twitching uncontrollably as he tried to pull the man closer. If they waited any longer, he would explode.

Mr. Tanner removed his finger. The lube was poured on something Christian couldn’t see. Then something enormous was pressing against his opening. Christian tried to relax and remember to breathe.

The head of the cock popped into him with a burn that he knew he would feel for days. And it kept going. Mr. Tanner kept pressing, so fast that Christian couldn’t get used to him, so fast that the burn built until it felt like he was being torn in half. He wanted to scream but couldn’t, wanted to tell Mr. Tanner to slow down but knew that any noise out of his mouth would summon the people outside.

Finally Mr. Tanner stopped. Then Mr. Tanner began to move, slow steady pulses that had Christian scrabbling. With each thrust, he managed to run the head of his cock against Christian’s prostrate and the sensation was incredible. He instantly forgave the man his rough entry. This was worth anything.

The slow, steady thrusts were met by Christian’s own attempts at a rhythm, but Christian was already on fire and longed for a faster pace. Christian opened his eyes, which had been closed since the entry.

Mr. Tanner was flush and looked more beautiful than ever. Christian knew he would always see Mr. Tanner like this: flush, panting, sweat rolling off his forehead as his carefully coiffed hair bounced with the force of his thrusts. He watched Mr. Tanner’s eyes close in ecstasy as the rhythm grew faster and the man above him started to lose control.

Christian felt his balls tightening. He bit back another scream as his body exploded. Hot streams of cum erupted out of him, between them, landing on their chests. Heat filled him and he knew that Mr. Tanner was cumming. It felt incredibly sexy to be filled by another man. A wave of heat washed over him, followed by exhaustion, and he went limp, his legs dropping uselessly to the floor.

Mr. Tanner kissed his neck as he slowly pulled out. It burned coming out and he felt liquid oozing out as well. Just as he was getting used to feeling empty again, Mr. Tanner kissed him.

“Congratulations,” Mr. Tanner whispered. “The promotion is yours.”

The End

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