Blood Oath

f/f dark fantasy

Chapter 3: Violation

Kirin climbed into the bed and watched curiously as Cinthe undressed. The woman was handsome, at least, Kirin thought. She had a strong, muscular physique and her caramel hair was done up in dozens of small braids all tied together into a large ponytail. One of the braids hung loose and framed her face perfectly. She had brown eyes that glittered in the dim light of the single lantern in the wagon. Her breasts were pert and tight as she stripped, with dark areolas and nipples that were already hardening from the cold or from arousal, it was hard to tell. As she pulled off her pants, a thatch of pale brown hair was revealed and Kirin swallowed. She was really naked, and this was really happening. Cinthe laughed.

“Preparing yourself, Kirin?”

Kirin felt as though her cheeks were on fire as she tore her gaze away and met Cinthe’s eyes. Cinthe wore a smirk and stood with her hands on her hips, inviting Kirin to look. Then she approached the bed and pressed Kirin flat on her back, climbing onto the bed over her and pressing their bodies together. Kirin gasped as her body suddenly began sending confusing signals, unsure how to respond to the sensual pressure.

Sex was supposed to be a magical event but for the first time ever, Kirin was confused that her body was responding to the physical pressure of Cinthe’s body against hers. At least Cinthe was a woman, not a man, she thought with relief. Surely a woman would be gentler. Cinthe leaned down to kiss Kirin and Kirin allowed it, even opening her mouth to give the woman access. But she refused to kiss back, lying there limply as Cinthe sucked and nipped her tongue. She couldn’t forget that this was the woman who had tricked her into a Blood Oath.

Cinthe didn’t seem to care that Kirin wasn’t participating. Maybe she had planned on it. Because she braced herself on one elbow and let her other hand trail down Kirin’s chest, pausing on her nipple. Kirin groaned as Cinthe tweaked the nipple and began playing with it until it began to harden. She had never had sex as a human before, though she had heard that the sensations were far more immediate than sex as a horse, and she could believe it. Even though she didn’t want to participate, Cinthe was drawing her out and making her hot.

Cinthe moved her lips from Kirin’s and began kissing her cheeks, her jawbone, and finally her ear. Kirin let out a surprised grunt when Cinthe nipped her earlobe and then sucked it as if apologizing for the gentle bite. It felt incredible. Her hand was still working on Kirin’s breasts, though it had moved to the other nipple now, and a heat was building in the pit of Kirin’s stomach, a familiar heat. She remembered when the stallion had mounted her and this heat had grown into something incredible. Would that happen tonight, even if she didn’t want it?

Without warning, Cinthe grabbed her and they reversed positions so that Kirin was straddling Cinthe, who was lying on her back with a sly smile on her face.

“Touch me,” she commanded, taking Kirin’s hands and placing them on her chest.

Kirin clumsily rubbed her hands across Cinthe’s skin, not knowing exactly what to do but unable to refuse due to the Blood Oath. She avoided her breasts, however, not sure she was ready to take that step yet. Cinthe gripped her hips and started grinding against her and Kirin gasped at the sudden pleasure. She leaned forward and realized that she could control the pace and her own pleasure from her position on top, and she continued grinding even after Cinthe’s hands moved away. Cinthe directed her hands to her breasts and Kirin took a deep breath before allowing herself to trace the contours of those beautiful pale cones that were now quaking slightly as Kirin rubbed against Cinthe’s body.

She let the very tips of her fingers run in circles around one of Cinthe’s breasts as Cinthe threw her head back and sighed. Kirin let her fingers slowly work their way inward until she reached the nub of Cinthe’s nipple. She licked her lips. She wanted to taste Cinthe’s nipple, feel that flesh against her tongue. Kirin leaned down and licked her nipple. It tasted of salt and skin, a clean taste, and the rough texture made her want to roll the nipple against her tongue. She did, and Cinthe moaned. Kirin framed the nipple with her hands and let her tongue play with the nipple for several minutes until Cinthe grabbed her hair and urged her to the other breast where she did the same. The taste of Cinthe’s skin was delicious and Kirin let her tongue travel down her belly to her belly button before she stopped, not knowing what to do next.

Cinthe wrapped her hand in Kirin’s hair again and urged her lower, pushing her off her body until she was crouching between Cinthe’s legs staring at her sex. Kirin blushed when she realized what Cinthe wanted her to do next, but she knew she couldn’t disobey. Hesitantly, she brought her face closer to Cinthe’s opening. It smelled of salt, just like her skin, but different too. Cautiously she extended her tongue and lapped at Cinthe. Cinthe bit back a cry and her hand tightened in Kirin’s hair. She tasted of cream and salt, not unpleasant at all.

Kirin wanted to ask for instructions but she knew that Cinthe wouldn’t give her any; she was supposed to know what to do. She guessed that a human would know what to do, but she was a unicorn and rarely inhabited her human body. She didn’t know what brought pleasure, so she would have to figure this out by herself. Touching had worked, so she brought her tongue back and began licking Cinthe’s opening. From the satisfied sigh, she knew that she was doing the right thing.

After a few minutes, Cinthe’s hand in her hair brought her upward, away from the hole towards an odd protuberance of flesh. She let her tongue explore it and from the way Cinthe’s legs tightened around her ears, she knew she had found the real key to Cinthe’s pleasure. She explored the folds of skin carefully before zeroing in on the one area that had Cinthe panting for breath. It was a small nub, almost like her nipple had been, and by rolling her tongue around it she could bring Cinthe to the point of ecstasy.

She focused all of her attention on it and soon, Cinthe’s breathing was ragged. Cinthe’s hand tightened in her hair again as if commanding Kirin not to stop, and she didn’t. Then Cinthe’s body went rigid and her back arched off the bed. She let out a low moan and the flesh under Kirin’s tongue spasmed rhythmically. Kirin continued her administrations, positive that Cinthe was orgasming but not wanting to cut it short, and it was nearly twenty seconds before Cinthe gasped for breath and her body went limp. She pulled Kirin away and petted her head.

Kirin remained crouched between her legs as Cinthe recovered, and in less than a minute Cinthe sat up and commanded Kirin to lay on the bed. Kirin obeyed and Cinthe crouched between her legs, and Kirin trembled. She did not want to experience what Cinthe had experienced. She did not want to enjoy anything the woman did to her. An orgasm while she was a slave would be a betrayal, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to help herself, especially if Cinthe commanded it.

Kirin shut her eyes and braced herself to not be aroused. Cinthe began by massaging her breasts and playing with her nipples, and it felt incredible, but Kirin refused to acknowledge the signals her body was sending her. She kept her eyes closed tightly as if not seeing Cinthe would erase what the woman was doing to her. Cinthe laughed as if she knew what Kirin was doing, and lowered her head to Kirin’s breast. She bit her nipple, then rolled it on her tongue. Kirin tightened her lips. She could feel her nipples hardening but she wouldn’t acknowledge it.

Then one of Cinthe’s hands started lightly tracing down her belly into her silver pubic hair and she stiffened. The hand continued down and slid between the lips of her labia. Cinthe’s fingers gently lingered on a spot that sent a thrill of pleasure down her spine, then they continued downward until they reached her opening. A single finger slid inside, just barely.

“Your hymen is intact,” Cinthe said. “The Emperor will be pleased.”

Kirin’s eyes opened at that and she saw the disappointment on Cinthe’s face. Fear trickled along with sweat down her body. Would the Emperor rape her as well? She didn’t think Cinthe would hurt her during sex, but there were no guarantees with the Emperor. He was a man, after all, not a woman, and he could easily hurt her even if he didn’t intend to. But why was Cinthe disappointed?

“Don’t worry, Kirin,” she said. “I’ll take care of you.”

Her fingers returned to the place that had Kirin squirming and she knew without question that this was the nub of flesh that had made Cinthe orgasm. She cried out as Cinthe’s fingers tweaked her flesh, and Cinthe grinned.

“My little unicorn, finally ready to play,” she said.

Kirin blushed. She hadn’t meant to cry out. She hadn’t meant to acknowledge anything the woman was doing. But Cinthe’s hands were like fire on her body and everything was building in the pit of her stomach and she couldn’t contain her arousal much longer. Cinthe lowered her head to Kirin’s opening and suddenly there was heat and pressure in exactly the right places. Kirin moaned and relaxed against the bed. Cinthe’s tongue spun around the nub of flesh and she cried out again, not even caring this time. It felt good, there was no denying it.

Kirin’s breath began to come in short, jagged spurts as the heat in her belly grew and the heat from Cinthe’s tongue melted her resistance. Cinthe moved from her groin to her breasts, but even while she laved attention on her nipples her hand was busy at work on her opening and that sensitive nub of flesh. When she kissed Kirin on the lips, she tasted of salt and Kirin couldn’t help but kiss back, she was so turned on. She knew Cinthe wouldn’t be satisfied until she orgasmed, but it seemed like such a far off thing no matter how aroused she became. After all, no matter how good it felt, she couldn’t ignore that this was at least somewhat against her will. Surely Cinthe would give up.

But Cinthe didn’t give up, and kept touching her and drawing her out for nearly twenty minutes before the heat in Kirin’s belly reached a level she couldn’t control anymore. Kirin lost control of her body and began reacting openly to the things Cinthe was doing to her. She no longer was able to hide her pleasure at Cinthe’s kisses, and when Cinthe’s mouth traveled downward she gripped the woman’s hair to draw her in tighter. Cinthe’s eyes gleamed with victory as she obeyed Kirin’s silent command to stay down, and soon her tongue was evoking cries of passion from Kirin, who curled around the woman as if her life depended on her.

Kirin’s heart felt as though it might stop again, it was beating so erratically, and her body was on fire. Cinthe’s tongue was the source of that fire and as it pressed against her, something inside snapped into place and it felt as if she had reached a sudden plateau of pleasure. She threw her head back and felt her body convulse as she was lifted by her orgasm into a realm of pleasure higher than anything she had ever known or even imagined in all her years as a unicorn. Her body vibrated with pleasure and for long seconds she was aware of Cinthe pressing against her, keeping her on the plateau. But then everything faded and she went limp.

She felt damp and unpleasantly cold, and when she saw Cinthe’s victorious smile she remembered her situation and shivered. She was a slave, yet had enjoyed her treatment. Cinthe had been able to do that to her. What else would Cinthe be able to do? She shivered as Cinthe lay beside her on the bed. No doubt Cinthe was also exhausted from the long effort of getting Kirin to orgasm, but she had succeeded and Kirin had failed. It would never happen again, she vowed. Never again would she let her guard down so completely. Perhaps if she hadn’t fought it, if she had been willing from the start, then the result wouldn’t have been so spectacular. She would have to try that if it ever happened again. With another shiver, Kirin realized that it would happen again. She was a slave now, and didn’t control her own body anymore. But as she reflected on what Cinthe had done, she realized that she didn’t regret it at all, and she wouldn’t mind repeating it in the future.

She felt as though her mind were divided; on the one hand, she had enjoyed what Cinthe had done and she saw now that being Cinthe’s slave would not be a painful task at all, but on the other hand, Cinthe had stripped her of her ninth circle status, robbed her of her horn, and turned her into a mere human. Cinthe might be gentle in bed, but Kirin couldn’t forget that she was ruthless and unforgiving, and had lied and tricked Kirin into obedience. No matter how much Kirin enjoyed her, she had to be on guard against her and remember that she was now a slave.

They lay together for a minute or two before Cinthe stood up, stretched, and began dressing. She took Kirin’s arm and pulled her in a sitting position, and Kirin wondered if she could possibly want Kirin to get dressed after she was drenched with sweat and dripping from what they had done. Cinthe gave her a washrag and she cleaned herself up, then Cinthe pointed to the clothes lying on the desk. She did want Kirin dressed.

Kirin had some trouble figuring out the clothes and Cinthe helped her put the pants and shirt on straight and buckle the belt. The clothes were unnecessarily confusing, Kirin thought, but they would keep the cold out and keep her covered in Cinthe’s presence. Even though she had orgasmed, she did not want to repeat what had just happened and perhaps wearing clothes would prevent it. Cinthe’s hands lingered on her body as she helped Kirin dress, though, and Kirin knew this wasn’t a one time thing. She blinked back tears as she thought of the Blood Oath and all of the things it might entail. She had been tricked into serving this mage, and Cinthe knew she was bound by blood to obey.

As they returned to the fire outside, she noticed that the guards looked at her differently. The reverence was gone. Had they heard what had happened? Probably; Kirin hadn’t thought to keep quiet. The tears in her eyes threatened to fall again, and she saw some of the guards looking at her with pity, as if they understood the position she was in. Would they be allies if she ever tried to run away, or did they just disagree with their leader’s decision to bed the unicorn? She couldn’t make eye contact with anyone and stayed in the back as the others passed around bowls of soup for dinner. She stared at hers in miserable silence. There were remnants of dead animals in the soup and she knew she would never be able to eat it. She longed for the light airiness of spring grass and wondered if she would starve to death, and if that death would be preferable to life as Cinthe’s slave.

Already snow was beginning to fall and the green grass was long since dead. Winter was here, a season Kirin had never seen before, and it was proof that she was no longer a unicorn. A tear escaped her self-control and fell into her soup. None of the guards looked at her as she silently began to cry.

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