A Vampire's Desire

m/m urban fantasy
A Vampire's Desire


“Are you enjoying this, Kairos?” asked my master softly as he ran his hand through my hair.

I couldn’t answer; my back arched and I gasped for breath as his other hand stroked along my cock lightly, teasingly. My hands were bound behind my back as I knelt in the darkness around us. Vampires fed in the darkness, and my master was no different.

Rope tickled along my torso, wrapped around me tightly enough so I could feel the pull but loose enough that I didn’t feel trapped. He always knew exactly how to tie me up. I’d noticed that he was getting tighter, as I got used to it. Everything about this was new and frightening still, but I was desperate for him. I wanted to please him.

His hand carded through my hair again and his lips landed on the tattoo on my neck, the tattoo that marked me as belonging to a vampire house. His tongue lapped against my skin and I wondered, as I always did, if this time he would bite. I longed for him to bite me, to let my blood fill his body the way he filled me.

I tried to make out some sight of him in the darkness, but it was impossible. I wasn’t blindfolded; the darkness of the vampire’s lair was absolute. There was no light. He could see perfectly, of course, and loved looking into my fearful eyes.

“Well, Kairos?”

I managed to murmur yes as he stroked me almost playfully, as if he knew how difficult talking was right now, with the sensations cascading through me. I could feel him moving behind me, feel his hand stroking down my back as I shivered, waiting to feel him pressing against me. He pulled the rope around me and I moaned as it tugged against me, constricting me in the most delightful way. Then I felt something against me and I tensed with anticipation.

Just then, a buzz sounded against the wall. Adze cursed softly and I heard him walk to the other side of the room to check his phone. He had it off for all but emergencies. I wondered what was happening that the other vampires would be contacting him in the middle of the day like this. Normally, all of their activity was at night when the vampire city came alive. Days were reserved for sleep. And play. This lair kept everything so dark that the sun was never an issue, and I had spent several hours here each day while the manor slept. I still wasn’t sure if the other servants knew about this, but none had said anything. Yet.

He spoke quietly in another language, then I heard the phone click down on the table again. He returned to me and I hoped it wasn’t anything too important. I was on fire and wouldn’t be able to stand it if we stopped now.

“Your services are required,” he said, starting to untie me.

“No,” I gasped. “You can’t leave me like this.”

I knew he would, though. He wasn’t known for his empathy, and had left me hungry on many occasions, whenever it was inconvenient for him to give me relief. He reached forward to stroke my length and I sighed in relief.

“If you serve our House well today, I’ll give you everything you want when you return,” he said. “Control yourself until then.”

I bit my lip but held still as he finished untying me and helped me to my feet. I looked around in the pitch black, unable to see anything. I stood nervously as I listened to him move around, then he touched my waist and I flinched slightly. It was unnerving being in such darkness. He helped me dress, then led me out of the room into the hallway, where a few dim lights began to get my eyes adjusted. It would be at least five minutes slowly adjusting before Adze let me go upstairs.

It was evening and I wondered if Adze would be joining me, or if this was something I would do alone. I wished, not for the first time, that I could spend all of my time in the vampire’s lair. But he valued me for my intelligence and work ethic, not just my body, and I couldn’t lose his interest. That meant our time together was often fractured with work, and I didn’t get as much of him as I wanted. Still, he made every minute count, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. As I went to see what the other vampires needed, I looked back and saw Adze staring at me with just the slightest hint of a smile.

“You’ll be back soon,” he said. “Lilith only needs you briefly. And when you do come back, I’ll be waiting.”

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