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What is Thrall of Darkness?

Thrall of Darkness publishes serial erotica and romance novels in the science fiction and fantasy genres. Here you will find online scifi/fantasy yaoi, erotica, and romance novels about curious young men searching for love among dragons and danger, powerful women submitting to the deadly caress of magic, and strange illnesses that inflame the heart and turn love into a game of survival and skill.

Try out the site and read the Tarragon series and select chapters of other novels for free, or purchase a membership and gain access to a library of novels, novellas, and short stories, as well as special features including character profiles, images, and much more!

Thrall of Darkness is intended for adults 18 years and older.

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yaoi fantasyThe Tarragon Series: M/M yaoi fantasy, dragons

The Tarragon series is about two young men struggling to find their place in a world where ancient ritual and modern technology collide and dragons have been spotted in the mountains behind the football field. Will their love remain true, or will it be shattered by forces beyond their control? Find out in the Tarragon series.

urban fantasyDemon Season: M/M urban fantasy

Taylor just wanted to bond with an ordinary demon during his first demon season, but he ended up with the Prince of Demons, an incubus who forces him to confront his dark past. Will their bond remain true, or will Taylor's fears run too deep? Find out in Demon Season.

m/m fantasy, adventureFirst Prince: M/M fantasy, yaoi adventure

First Prince follows Wren, the first prince of Fontain, as he enters the Imperial Palace as part of a treaty with his home kingdom. But while his initial reaction is negative, he soon finds love in an unexpected place. Will Wren follow his heart, or will politics and familial loyalties get in his way? Find out in First Prince.

fantasy romance

Treacherous a Dragon's Love: M/F fantasy romance, dragons

Prince Daron is falling in love with the mysterious Rosa, survivor of a dragon's lair. But his father has claimed the woman as his property. Will Daron risk his kingdom and defy his father to be with the one he loves? Or do her golden eyes hold secrets that will tear the lovers apart? Find out in Treacherous a Dragon's Love.f/f adventure, unicorns, noncon

Blood Oath: F/F adventure, unicorns

Blood Oath weaves the tale of Kirin, a unicorn lured by a lustful mage into a Blood Oath that traps her in a human body until a young woman comes along with the potential to end her slavery. Will Kirin and her new ally succeed against the mage, or will Kirin be enslaved forever? Find out in Blood Oath.

epic space operaThe Eternity Series: M/M, M/F, epic space opera

The Eternity Series follows Sabine, a young woman fleeing the man trying to steal her heart and mind. She is kidnapped by Damien, a man with conflicting loyalties and a mysterious past, and Mat, a carefree soldier who becomes a friend. Is Sabine strong enough, or will the entire galaxy fall into chaos? Find out in the Eternity Series.

Other Stories

In addition to these featured stories, there are many other novels, novellas, and short stories available on the website. Once you purchase a membership, you will have access to all of the stories and all of the bonus content. Memberships begin at just $3.99 a month!


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